In 10 million is just a dream! Commodity spot on the ten day loss of one hundred thousand cheating a

In 10 million is just a dream! The "ten days off commodity spot one hundred thousand deficit" Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The Securities Times reporter Chen Dongsheng in recent years, the rapid development of commodity spot market, after rectification, the overall level of specification has been greatly improved, but because of the large market, chaos is an indisputable fact. Driven by huge profits, some domestic spot market traders and investors by doing "gamble", realizes the income fluctuations in commodity prices, and they often do not have specific rules of publicity when told investors, many investors deceived. The spot market "routine deep" according to statistics, in recent years the country emerged from the spot commodity exchange (trading center) up to more than 1000, more than 600 in electronic commodities trading business, the vast majority of the claims "approval of the local government, or the introduction of state-owned shareholders as umbrella". Usually, the bottom of each exchange at least dozens, many hundreds of "member units" and "part of its member units may also affiliated with multiple agents. Market dragons and fishes jumbled together group complex, commercial fraud, cheating transactions, misappropriation of funds and other serious incidents occur and a member of high level platform. In order to avoid regulation, the vast majority of the domestic exchange is taken as a member of the market maker model. Stock investment fee is generally high, trading spreads and fees accounted for about 10% of the transaction costs, some members of the short term in order to earn more money, will be in the shortest time to let investors quickly lose light". A person in a Shenzhen stock investment company engaged in the training of the general said, allowing customers to quickly loss a few "routine": on the 1 surface to provide expert guidance service, commonly known as "shout", by the experts to guide investors to do more short profit, essentially direct investors to do the reverse operation, inconsistent with the actual situation; 2 let the customer investment holdings, many stock due to relatively high leverage, investors can easily ruin; 3 losses will reassure investors hard to carry, you need to lighten up when the batch, small scale Jiancang, but earn money only 4 a few clients immediately; earn money, although can smooth out the gold, but will use the "one day then double" profits induce investors. Insiders said that even before the platform to do a false trading system, the surface of the relevant market real time price, in fact, the background can be arbitrarily modified transaction data, opaque trading process. However, due to a few years ago to clean up, this means there is little. An investor of the Securities Times reporter said, October 20, 2015 Ningbo commodity Bats Exchange Inc No. 258 regional service providers in Henan cooperation intermediary staff fan through the QQ add it as a friend, after constantly shouting orders by QQ and profitability. It coincides with the investors in the stock market lose money, fan by investors eager to earn the principal psychological, inform a teacher team with fried oil money, lured on相关的主题文章: