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In seventh aspect: Murray rushed four victims Zhang Shuaizhan Nadal [news] Zhang Shuai sent into the egg halep quarter finals and roar fans Zhang Shuai will today against the victims of Tencent in October 7th 2016 konta sports season China open will start the race on the seventh day of the competition today. With the game on Thursday by the rain of distress, today’s schedule is very busy, Nadal and Murray, the two kings are going to attack the men’s singles semi-finals seats; while in singles, China Jinhua Zhang Shuai and British sister "for the final 1.5 holes. The central stadium: 1: Rao Niki VS Jia Izmir (Beijing time 10 to second): Covey Tova VS Keith (not earlier than Beijing time 12:30) Covey Tova was the two Wimbledon women’s singles champion, the last two seasons of her state has been volatile, the world ranking fell out of the TOP10, in this year’s China season after her status significantly, just last week in Wuhan super five game win, this net has defeated the defeated player Wang Yafan China and this year’s French Open champion Mu Gu Raza, today the game opponent is currently ranked ninth in the world of the American teenager Keith, which has a powerful serve and the bottom line attack, once a "Serena" called. The two players in the past there have been a clash of the past, Covey Tova is only a little more than 3 wins and 2 losses, the outcome of this game is very difficult to predict. Third: Murray VS Edmond (about Beijing time 14:30) Murray continuous at Wimbledon and the Rio Olympic singles gold medal in the summer, but then his state has a certain degree of decline in the Cincinnati tournament and match performance are poor, with in the Davis Cup match was also injured the troubled. This net due to the small German out of the race, Murray as the top seed appearances, the first two rounds were defeated Italy’s ceppi and Russia’s Kuznetsov game opponent today is currently ranked fifty-fourth in the world’s compatriot Edmond, the latter of the season progress is very obvious. The two players in the past only confrontation in the queen cup, Murray was fighting three win this game, if not too big surprise Murray smoothly will lock a four seats. Fourth: Zhang Shuai VS hole tower (not earlier than Beijing time 16:30) Zhang Shuai’s recent state is very good, after the third round at the US Open to create their best record in the competition, she was continuously in the Tokyo international tournament in Seoul and South Korea two races to reach the semi-finals, Wuhan tennis tournament last week it entered the second round this week, the world ranking of thirty-sixth. The net in Zhang Shuai in the first two rounds were defeated Australian swimmer Stosur and American players Risk, the third is to send the eggs beat the current world ranking fifth Halep of Romania’s occupation career for the first time, to the WTA crown tournament quarterfinals. Today’s match against Zhang Shuai will be the world’s fourteenth place in the UK’s top name, Conta. The two players had 4 games, 3 wins and 1 konta advantage, in this year’s Australian Open and Wuhan match, Zhang Shuaijun lost the two set against the opponent, but the game is)相关的主题文章: