In the autumn the pregnant mother has three life mide-031

In the autumn the pregnant mother life has three [Abstract] in the autumn in the pregnant mother, is undoubtedly the most happy. Not only to ensure adequate sleep at night an invigorating autumn climate, physiological metabolism, and autumn vegetables and fruits rich in nutrients and vitamins, so completely keep up oh. Changes in the weather in autumn, an inattentive, it will cause colds, decreased immunity and other diseases. How can I do the most beautiful and healthy mother in autumn? Please gynecological experts from the prevention of common diseases in the fall of pregnant women, to take care of nutritional meals, the correct dress and the regulation of the mentality of the majority of mothers to teach a lesson. "The fall pregnant" to "three": anti diarrhea, anti constipation, prevent respiratory disease prevention of diarrhea is because the fall of fresh fruits and more, but if you do not pay attention to food hygiene, resistance is relatively poor in pregnant women is likely to suffer from diarrhea. My stomach is likely to stimulate the contraction of pregnant women and even lead to premature birth. Therefore, the fall pregnant women must pay attention to food hygiene, eat fresh fruits must be washed. Secondly, the second pregnant women should pay attention to constipation. Autumn climate is dry, pregnant women, if you do not pay attention to diet, constipation may. Recommended for pregnant women in the diet of greasy food and meat in moderation, do not blindly pursue the stick autumn fat, appropriate to increase the proportion of fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, drink plenty of water, develop regular bowel habits. Finally, the autumn weather turns cold, pregnant women are more likely to catch a cold, suffering from respiratory diseases. Experts say the cold is one of the most vulnerable diseases in autumn. In general, pregnant women should be cautious, in principle, can not do not have to, do not abuse antibiotics, even taking Chinese medicine, it is best to accept a doctor’s guidance, do not buy their own medicine. Because most of the drugs from the placenta into the body through the fetus, some of which can cause damage to the fetus, teratogenic effect. In addition, special attention should be paid to the early cold fever can affect the development of the fetal central nervous system, and even cause fetal malformations. Cold focus on prevention, pregnant women should strengthen nutrition, moderate activity, maintain a good mood, in order to enhance the body immunity. Indoor ventilation, often with vinegar fumigation room; pregnant women is best not to stay for a long time in many occasions, so as to avoid cross infection. In addition, pregnant women should be particularly careful about rubella, cytomegalovirus infection, such viruses may cause fetal malformations. Especially in early pregnancy, such as suspected infection, it is best to go to the hospital to do the relevant checks.相关的主题文章: