In the history of the most expensive to bring the king of the luxury market enlightenment kairui

From the history of the most expensive luxury market is the most expensive land bring what are the following Shanghai burst "344 thousand and 900 square meters" blockbuster price record, today the national real estate market once again because of the Shanghai property market a land transaction burst in Shanghai part of the bank’s intervention project under the condition of the most expensive land, the land market again a "jaw dropping" — financial letter to the total price of 11 billion 10 million yuan won the Shanghai Jingan the most expensive land, the starting price of 4 billion 600 million yuan, the nominal floor price of about 100 thousand square meters, 143 thousand square meters in sales price, premium rate 139.3%. The record of the most expensive land in the history of Chinese land transactions. The most expensive land is fierce, the future direction of the property market China mystery in addition to the most expensive today out of the history of the most expensive land premium rate as high as 139.3%, according to Centaline Research Center statistics show that in the first half of August, Shanghai, Wuhan, Hefei, Chengdu and other places also took out 10 cases of premium rate of more than 100% of the price, and they the single piece of land price are all higher than 1 billion yuan. But a little ahead, 7 months before the national total of more than 1 billion yuan plots of up to 257, the premium rate of more than 100% "the most expensive land" a total of 128 cases, after adding half data of August this year, Chinese nearly 140 blocks high premium rate of more than 100%. At the same time, Albert I love my family group data center also showed a similar trend with the Central Plains, as of July, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, four first-tier cities for 3 consecutive months, the average premium rate of more than 100%, far more than the past few years the homestead of less than 50% of the average premium rate, which in July, city the first residential land floor price of 30330 yuan turnover square meters, a new record high. From the luxury price record, to the city housing price break line to the historical record, the most expensive land turnover broke the highest ever, China ecological market momentum, a be struck dumb. And this caused for the future direction of the property market Chinese thinking, more and more people are trapped in the myth of confusion. Experts in the eyes of the "the most expensive land" in "the history of the most expensive the most expensive land" incident, sina finance evaluation of such "current situation, it seems that no one can be sure to tell us the exact future China property, one hand there are countless people holding large sums of money into the property market, on the other hand, investors have the property market bubble has great shout there." But born in the heart of every one of us, natural or looking forward to the voice of the market can clear enough, by virtue of the good can seize any opportunity to escape the unknown crisis struck madness — although the property market miwuchongchong, the union real estate chamber of Commerce founding president Nie Meisheng, current assets "shortage" the case, whether it is business or personal, in cash, "only think it can rest assured, only to buy a house." As for the property market situation first-tier cities, Albert I love my home group vice president Hu Jinghui analysis, "the north of Guangzhou first-tier cities, after the high-speed development and construction investment of more than 20 years, the city for the development and construction of new land quantity is less and less, the supply of land gradually decline, as the core areas of Beijing have been continuously 3 months in the off state for. Throughout 2016.相关的主题文章: