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In the sky Yang Fu to see the scenery, enjoy the cultural tourism is Mamali Yayun – Sohu I travel for a long time, attention Mamali. Column: [city] find recommended language explore the mystery as the size of the city [Live] a hotel with the "reward" the attitude of the hotel [public space] see the "public" Museum [] and diners say two or three things on the delicacy [] Raiders purely practical good share [story] dry cargo travel that little journey "thing" [Mamali travel journal] talk about my journey of love like skywave Yangfu chrysanthemum, the feeling is very different. With the chrysanthemum Yangs heroism and spirit connotation is endowed with the quality of the fit between exemplary conduct and nobility of character. Look at the scenery, enjoy the human beauty. I grew up listening to the story, always on the story of the people and things is full of interest. The loyal, wrote a touching story of volunteers, capable of evoking praises and tears as one after another, the heroic spirit is patriotic Chidan song history. Although thousands of years, but this time to Yang warrior, but feel the story in the world. It is worth noting that, from October 18th to November 18th, Yang warrior will be held once a year the chrysanthemum flower exhibition, more than 100 varieties of chrysanthemum. I went to the next few days just under a rain, chrysanthemum flowers in full bloom, one after another, a piece of film also hung a flash of dew, swim in the garden, fine smelling flowers, very comfortable. Into the Tianbo Yang Fu, first attracted is chrysanthemum decorated arched corridor! The flowers bloom, Yourenruzhi, let people immersed in a sea of flowers, feel happy. Different varieties of chrysanthemums are designed to create a variety of shapes, and the construction of the old trees and cheerful birds with each other, in the visual to create fresh and aesthetic. Chrysanthemum flowers combined with hay and for what I love most, and Yang warrior to the wall and free vines spread red off each other, this form of beauty is quiet, is touching. Yang warrior in the most impressive to the number of the garden. Although in the north, but the small garden with a small southern style. The Jiangnan gardens, South Garden dig pool hill, Hill Pavilion, mountain repair hole, built the zigzag bridge on the pond, the water has formed a waterside pavilion, open landscape. With a different level of color, not a small chrysanthemum, looks even more smart. There is a hard hill two storey building in the Garden District, and tile Chi head, coated glass trim, roof tiles, connecting corridors building on the north side of an ancient city gate style building, namely "sky door". In the book "sky pool door door". There is a veranda style buildings on the wall, ridge kiss beast, QT brackets. The gate on both sides of the pavilion foil, mighty spectacular. This is the "Tianbo Yang Fu" of the North gate. There is also the story of Yang warrior real performance, I was fortunate to see the stage version of "interpretation of four Lang Tan mu". The Northern Song Dynasty, to resist invasion Yang south of the ethnic minorities in the north, the whole family everyone together, romance out a touching story of a hero, has spread in the folk. Four Lang’s mother is one of the most.相关的主题文章: