In the stomach of the ram, the strange egg is suspected of being valuable (video)

Remove the ram stomach "strange egg" suspected "Yang Bao" very valuable in November 15th, the public Mr. Hou broke the news to the newspaper, he accidentally killed in the sheep took out 7 pieces of strange eggs from the sheep stomach, suspected "sheep treasure". The egg was discovered in November 10th. Originally, Mr. Hou was on the pier on the road opened a museum of sheep. All the sheep sold are purchased by farmers in the towns and townships of this municipality. In November 10th, when he killed sheep, he found that a ram was obviously emaciated, only 25 kilograms more, and it was 5 kilograms thinner than other sheep. When he killed the sheep, he took out a few foreign bodies from the sheep’s stomach. "When I killed the sheep, I felt it in my stomach, and I didn’t know what it was. I opened all hall for more than 3 years, has killed at least 1000 sheep, have never met." Hou said. The reporter saw in the Hou shop, the 7 odd egg ping-pong size, smooth appearance was brown, in the hand feeling is not heavy, feels hard texture, internal fiber shape, no special smell smell. The measurements showed that the eggs were about 2 to 4 centimeters in diameter and about 150 grams in weight. "If these strange eggs are" sheep treasure ", our family can really pick up the baby." Mr. Hou said cheerfully, he searched on the Internet, the Internet "Yang Bao" photos with him out of what someone said to as like as two peas, sold for twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan a gram. If it is indeed "sheep treasure", it is worth a lot of money, so he and his family have been excited for several days. Is that a "sheep treasure"? To this end, the reporter interviewed the city hospital of traditional Chinese medicine pharmacist Zhang Zhigang. He said, "Yang Bao" is the stone sheep because the sheep, indigestion, food residue formed by condensation, has high medicinal value, but only a few years is not a "sheep sheep treasure". Subsequently, the reporter interviewed the Changshou City animal husbandry and veterinary station staff, the other said, according to the "strange egg" contents of preliminary judgment, like fiber material and undigested sheep grazing after the formation, whether to say "sheep treasure" needs to be further identified. Extended reading: (video has nothing to do with the article, just for reference) rams molested sows, ewes and shepherd dogs can not see it!

公羊胃里取出“怪蛋” 疑似“羊宝”价值连城 11月15日,市民侯先生向本报爆料称,他在杀羊时意外从羊胃里取出了7枚怪蛋,疑似“羊宝”。怪蛋是11月10日被发现的。原来,侯先生在荡墩路上开了一家全羊馆。所卖的羊都是在本市各乡镇农户处收购。11月10日,他杀羊时发现有一只公羊明显瘦弱,仅有25公斤多点,比其他羊足足瘦了5公斤。就是在杀这只羊的时候,他从羊胃里取出了数颗异物。“我杀羊的时候,在胃里摸到了这个,当时也不知道是什么。我开全羊馆3年多了,至少杀了1000只羊,从来没遇到过。”侯先生说。记者在侯先生店内看到,这7枚怪蛋有乒乓球大小,外表光滑呈棕褐色,拿在手中感觉不重,摸起来质地坚硬,内部成纤维状,闻起来也没有特殊的气味。经测量发现,这些怪蛋直径约在2至4厘米,总重约150克。“这些怪蛋假如是‘羊宝’的话,我们家可就真的捡到宝贝了。”侯先生乐呵呵地说,他在网上搜索过,网上的“羊宝”照片跟他取出来的东西一模一样,有网友说能卖到两三万元一克。如果确是“羊宝”的话,价值肯定不菲,为此他和家人一连激动了好几天。那这究竟是不是“羊宝”呢?为此,记者采访了市中医院中药师张志岗。他表示,“羊宝”就是羊的结石,是因为羊消化不良,由食物残渣凝结形成,具有较高的药用价值,但是只养了几年的羊是形成不了“羊宝”的。随后,记者采访了常熟市畜牧兽医站工作人员,对方表示,根据“怪蛋”内容物初步判断,像是羊吃草后未消化的纤维物质形成,至于是否为所说的“羊宝”还需进一步鉴定。扩展阅读:(视频与文章无关,仅供参考) 公羊调戏母猪,母羊和牧羊犬看不下去了!相关的主题文章: