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In the tradition of innovation: Peking University Hospital Professor Taiwan weekly grand rounds – Sohu maternal afternoon of August 26th, Professor Jin Yanzhi, head of Obstetrics Peking University Hospital of Pediatrics expert Professor Wang Ying came to our hospital for routine rounds, and listen to the discussion of the recent emergence of hospital emergency cases, Beijing Taiwan maternity hospital nursing department director Jiang Liming, Dean Dou Weizheng and the Department of relevant experts, the medical staff in order to check and discuss. Beijing Treasure Island maternity hospital pediatric director Fan Xiyong presided over the discussion rounds after the case, according to the recent emergence of maternity and neonatal care were discussed. Professor Jin and Professor Wang Ying carried out detailed guidance and comments on the situation in the case, and made a quick recognition of the first aid measures. Subsequently, Professor Jin combined with the case of the clinical work of the hospital to carry out in-depth and detailed communication of practical problems, we spoke enthusiastically, and reached a consensus on the issues discussed. Department of Pediatrics director Fan Xiyong introduced recent emergency case finally, Professor Kim shared a recent occurrence in Peking University Hospital emergency case, we hope that in future work, as in the past, all the medical staff can do their work enthusiasm, give full play to the island hospital maternity professional characteristics and advantages. Left: Professor Jin Yanzhi: Professor Wang Ying, right: President Jiang Liming case discussion experts listened carefully to the case as Beijing Taiwan maternity hospital, Peking University Hospital expert, Professor Kim and Professor Wang every Friday to Taiwan maternity hospital routine rounds, has become a fine tradition of Taiwan maternity hospital, which not only enhance the quality of service for the guest at the same time, the formation of "structure of talent team to the old and new, Zhongqing combination" in the tradition, the culture of Taiwan medical personnel questions, comprehensive analysis and clinical problem solving ability.相关的主题文章: