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Inter.-and-Business-Online How do we increase site traffic? And how do we increase website traffic effectively without paying money for the visitors we get? That’s a very good question, and this article will explain some of the ways you can go about doing this in order to drive more sales and improve your bottom line. In a survey 69% of people reported that the #1 thing they wanted more information on was how to increase site traffic. Since I’m an expert in the field and have had 100,000’s of visitors the last 3 years I wanted to share my promotion methods with you today. If you are one of the 69% who feel frustrated about this problem, don’t worry… You are in good hands. The first thing you want to know about your business and yourself is what you are offering and what makes you unique from the rest of the marketplace. When you know your unique selling point, or USP it’s easier to understand the prospective client, thus you have an easier time understanding their wants and needs. This opens up a lot of opporunity for you to add value to this persons life, and if you didn’t know, VALUE is what makes the traffic game go around. If you want to increase site traffic the first thing you must learn is how to be valuable to the person you want to attract with your message. It’s only then, after you know this about your customers that you can start marketing using these following strategies: Article Marketing – Write and submit detailed articles solving an immediate need and show them where they can learn more about the topic using a good call to action in your resource box. Video Marketing – Create and submit short, valuable content videos to video sharing sites then provide them with an opportunity to click through to your website. YouTube has billions of views so you can get a fair share of them for your video. Some of mine have 35,000 views and 10%-30% or so go check out my site! Great residual traffic! Those will be the two "main strategies" that you have to understand. Then you will post this content on several locations, but it’s basically all based around articles or videos. Even if you submit your content to web 2.0 properties it’s still a form of article. The good thing with web 2.0 is that you can add video to that post as well. Web 2.0 is "new age marketing" where you are able to upload photos, videos, articles, blog posts and people can interact with your profile. Some good examples of this is Squidoo and Hubpages. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: