India gymnastics woman returned to the BMW car said poor road conditions can not

India will return to BMW car called the female gymnastics in poor condition can not afford to open the original title: poor road conditions can not afford to open, India gymnastics champion car BMW returned to India women’s gymnastics champion Carle diepa finally decided to return a MARKAL, as BMW Olympic awards. The reason is simple: poor road conditions, maintenance is too expensive. Kalmar Karl was the first to get the Olympic Qualification of India women’s gymnastics athletes, outstanding performance at the Brazil Olympics, but narrowly failed to win a medal. In August this year, a native of Hyderabad Badminton Association to Carle MARKAL and two other Olympic medals won the India female athletes honored, each will receive a BMW car. However, India media reported 12, Carle finally decided to return the car remains. This decision is not due to accept the award contrary to the provisions, but driving a BMW car is not worthwhile". The coach Kalmar Karl said at first, Nandi, Carle s hometown Agartala, no BMW automobile maintenance service center, secondly, the narrow road here, poor road conditions. India frequent traffic accidents, the average annual death of more than 130 thousand people, poor road conditions is one of the important reasons for the accident. Carle hopes to MARKAL Badminton Association, a native of Hyderabad BMW automobile for other vehicles. The father of Kalmar Karl Duval confirmed that the Badminton Association has agreed to give Carle a native of Hyderabad, MARKAL and BMW automobile price is a bonus. Carle, who is now 23 years old, the first time when the weight of the coach’s father under the leadership of the gymnastics program, slowly like gymnastics. She became the first gymnast to win the Olympic Games in India in 1964. Since India’s independence, has a total of 11 male gymnastics athletes at the Olympic Games, but since 1964 the India gymnast did not appear in the Olympic games. (Chen Lixi) (Xinhua special feature) editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: