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Inditherm plc is an expanding small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) based near Rotherham in South Yorkshire. The .pany has established itself as a cost-effective provider of innovative solutions to heating problems using its unique carbon-based polymer technology (CPT). This innovative technology operates at low voltages (generally 6 V to 50 V) and generates uniform heat over its entire surface area. The operating temperature is from ambient up to 120C (250F). The polymer has fabric-like qualities so that it can be fitted over almost any shape, as well as being ideal for heating large areas. The .pany has developed the technology into industrial and medical markets but wanted to exploit it within the construction industry which it recognised as a potentially major market. Inditherm looked to Sheffield Hallam University for this successful KTP project. The aim was to develop the technology for curing pre-cast concrete and at an early stage so as to accelerate the strength development and therefore increase production. In addition, the Associate was to look at a system to enable in-situ concrete curing during the winter periods and to identify the benefits and potential markets within the construction sector. Research and Development (R&D) undertaken by the Associate has provided data to show that the Inditherm systems are ideal for accelerating the curing of pre-cast concrete. The project aims were met and the benefits introduced to concrete manufacturing .panies. Through the KTP, the .pany now has an improved knowledge of the construction sector, the size of market it can exploit, the needs of the industry and some of its key players. The work started as part of the KTP has progressed so Inditherms CPT has been engineered into a range of .mercial products. A new business segment, Inditherm Construction, was established in 2005 and benefited from using the academic partners state-ofthe- art testing facilities and help for its R&D work. KTP has also helped to raise Inditherms profile and attracted construction-related contracts. In the first operating year following the .pletion of the KTP project, the new business has achieved a turnover of around 100,000. Results – KTP helped to develop accelerated pre-cast concrete curing systems – Positioning of .pany to operate within the construction market – Resulted in the formation of Inditherm Construction – Turnover of around 100,000 in its first year of operation David Katley a KTP Associate said Being employed on the KTP has given me the best possible start to my career. The ambition and support from Inditherm plc has been tremendous. The Associate was instrumental to the success of the project and has been involved in the formation of Inditherm Construction Ltd. The Associate has acquired greater business awareness and experience of R&D as a result of KTP. He has benefited from the management and training modules and has achieved NVQ level four in management. This in turn has enabled him to be.e a Member of the Chartered Institute of Management, MCIM. The Associate has also been able to enhance his engineering skills and apply the knowledge from his BEng Civil Engineering degree. He has set a goal of achieving Chartered status within the Institute of Civil Engineers. In addition, the Associate has been able to further his academic status by pursuing an MPhil based on the research he has undertaken as part of the KTP project. – KTP has provided academic, personal and career development – Experience of the practicalities of engineering within an SME – Provided research opportunities to enable study towards an MPhil – Accepted the post of Business Manager with the .pany Professor Pal Mangat, Director of the Centre for Infrastructure Management (CIM) at Sheffield Hallam University said, Long-term relationships with industry are fundamental to our research and teaching success. This is a shining example of how KTP can benefit all concerned and contribute to regional development. The University has benefited by establishing a long-term association with Inditherm Plc through a formal agreement. This provides continuing involvement in R&D and the business development of Inditherm Construction. The need for continuing development of the novel technology has attracted further research funding from the European .mission which will result in international applications. The project has also provided opportunities for research publications in journals and conferences as well as presentations to expert technical .mittees of the American Concrete Institute. The project contributed to the establishment of the Centre for Infrastructure Management at the University, which aims to develop consultancy work and funded research projects concerning the new technology areas including concrete curing, infrastructure heating and construction-related products. 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