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" " innovation; let the theme speak louder   the effect of news media to a new level – the media – people.com.cn original title: innovation, let the theme louder touch screen reading not only changed the dissemination of knowledge, but also to reform the way of life; digital media not only accelerate the speed of information updating, but also changed the social psychology. At present, the environment of public opinion, the media structure and the way of communication have changed profoundly, which makes the news and public opinion work of the party face the requirement of strengthening the innovation. In the news public opinion work forum held in February 19th this year, the party meeting, general secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "with the development of the situation, the party must journalism innovation idea, content, style, form, method, means, mode, system and mechanism, enhance the pertinence and effectiveness." This sentence is concise and comprehensive to point out the news public opinion work quality and efficiency of the party’s direction. Only in the solution to the problem of continuous improvement, in the face of the challenges of innovation, in order to continue to consolidate and strengthen the mainstream public opinion, to better promote the theme, spread positive energy, the right to speak, to enhance the influence. Where the audience where the position to build a new pattern of public opinion to guide the Beijing time on August 21st at 11 am, the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the championship, then the event coverage overwhelming. People’s daily, have great originality decisive decision no longer do not sticking to formalities, repetitive text reports, new ideas to try, photos, comments superimposed title. The 22 day edition of conspicuous location editions, the title "beyond" gold did not forget the early heart become an independent school, the commentator’s article "strong, women’s volleyball team spirit! "Stirring the hearts of the people. At the same time in the newspaper content innovation and layout innovation, new media platform with the resonance frequency, timely reprint, commentators articles published after 1 hours of harvest 380 thousand micro-blog reading. Where the audience, the position of public opinion on the news. Today, the people’s daily is a newspaper development into a newspaper, magazines, websites, TV, radio, electronic screen, mobile phone, micro-blog, WeChat, client and other 10 kinds of carriers and more than and 400 terminal media group, covering more than 350 million effective audience. At the same time, the establishment of a central kitchen operation mechanism, planning at home and abroad, to get through the whole chain, implement resource sharing, platform sharing, symbiosis, creative achievements were pushing, the initial realization of financial planning, financial collection, production, dissemination and thawing thawing. In June 20th, the Xinhua news agency to launch micro film visual presentation of all media products — "red temperament", 95 anniversary tribute to the Communist Party of China, a total of more than 200 million people watching. This is just a microcosm of Xinhua News Agency news product innovation. From the beginning of last year, Xinhua news agency, insist on content innovation, promote the channel, synchronization mechanism, talents, technology innovation, and strive to achieve the product and service of news feeds "three changes", which is a transformation from traditional media to meet the demand to meet the main needs of all media, from a single, single to provide interactive, interactive manuscript release mode shift from simply providing manuscript change to provide a comprehensive service to realize the core functions of the continuous extension of the national news agency. Overall domestic and international, good Chinese story is the relevant departments, the majority of the media’s important responsibilities and mission. China foreign language bureau to play a leading role in China, in)相关的主题文章: