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Mobil-.puting The smartphone war as we know it today, basically started in 2007-08 when Apple came out with its first iteration of iPhone. Soon after Google followed suit, with its first Android powered device. Since then it has been an all out war between the two .panies in the smartphone market for the top spot. Steve Jobs even went to the extent saying that he would go thermonuclear war on Google OS for stealing their iPhone concept. Although Google’s Android has been able to muster popularity among the userbase, but still as far as developers are concerned, iPhone application development is still more preferred than android. The out.e of that is that apple app store has been growing by leaps and bounds. But more importantly, the quality of applications in the app store is far greater than that of Google Play. Apple also has been able to monetize the application ecosystem better than any other platform. This means that the iOS apps developers get paid better than their android counterparts. The iPhone development solutions have been properly laid forward by Apple, which has helped developers .e up with content rich applications. It is a general trend that any paid application is first launched in the Apple app store and it later makes its way to Android. This is due to the fact that iOS users tend to spend more on an application as .pared to android users. iPhone application developers make use of various technologies like Unity 3D engine, Core Graphics, Audio Queue Services Programming, A/V foundation framework, Interface Builder, Open AL, Core animation, and many more. The iPhone games development has also created a lot of ripples in the gaming-sphere. The user experience of games on an iOS device has been seen to be at par with gaming consoles. Many are even of the view that if this trend continues then games on iOS devices might replace these gaming consoles. It is all upon the iOS developers to .e up with innovative concepts of applications and games. With over three quarters of a million applications already in the appstore, iPhone application development is on the rise. IOS is known for its fluidity and the applications adhere to that because of the stringent apple regulations. The development process is regulated, which results in high quality applications and games. iPhone software development kit is based on objective C language, but it allows the developers to create applications using C#, Java and VB.NET. The fact cannot be denied that mobile users give a lot of weightage to user experience as .pared to traditional desktop users. Apple understands this which is why iOS is considered to give the best user experience out of all the platforms. The iOS apps developers also take cognizance of this, and have raised the bar of iPhone apps programming. This is a reason why iPhone application development is still very prominent among developers and a preferred platform. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: