Iphone7 released soon to bid farewell to the old section of the iPhone security crisis 若槻ゆうか

IPhone7 released soon how to say goodbye to the old iPhone iPhone7 security crisis will be in Beijing in September 8th 1 in the morning news release has maxed out the major social networking platform, over the years, Apple fans and iPhone users for resisting the temptation to frequent replacement but new. This year, faced with 7 this is very optimistic about the figures, but also to attract more attention of the audience. Although many users insist on this one for one year, but for the hands of the old iPhone machine also has a certain expectation, hope that through the second-hand recycling business increasingly popular make full use of the residual value, and cash subsidies for new. But for many users, and hope that through the platform of second-hand or individual cashing in his old machine, while the old worry about the information in the iPhone will be stolen in the second-hand sale, payment information, photos, chat content theft problem. So for iPhone users, how to protect their information security? If the adoption of reasonable measures, information theft of such cases will occur on the iPhone users? How to sell the old iPhone security protection? How to bid farewell to the old section of the iPhone security crisis first user before selling their old iPhone need to backup important data. In other words, through the iPhone account password on the iCloud data backup, so even if the replacement of the new machine, you can also go directly through the iCloud to restore the previously backed up data. Of course, there is no backup needs of users can skip this step. No backup demand or have been backed up by old iPhone users can "set" to find "universal" option, and then select the "restore" the bar "erase all content and settings, input the previously set the machine password system to confirm the password correctly can erase data. Apple’s algorithm is designed to be open, and there are white paper can be tested, for iOS disk encryption is based on a single file encryption, rather than the entire file system. Therefore, each file is stored in the iPhone are on separate randomly generated encryption key, and the key will be based on above class key further encryption, then by filesystem key prior to the three encryption key. After multi layer encryption, the file can be safely stored on the iPhone disk. In addition, class key is not only generated by the user password, but the password and the security chip UID generated by the combination, so the difficulty of how difficult it is to be able to feel. In addition, after the user to erase data and all settings, is to erase all the files and key senior key layers of set. So if you want to recover the data it is not only the need to read data so simple, it is also necessary to break the encryption layer, thus provided by iPhone official erase data and settings after recovery would be almost zero. After all, FBI has also encountered the problem of cracking iPhone,.相关的主题文章: