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Is "Pete Julie Mary · Claudia for the first time had denied [Abstract] she also talked about Pete Julie:" I really hope Julie and Peter I respect you can find calm in the noisy moment." Marion · Claudia is the mistress of Tencent denied entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, the French Rose "Marion · Claudia (Marion Cotillard) to be even on the vibe is led to Peter (Brad Pitt) and Julie (Angelina Jolie), and" mistress "divorce is just in Ins for the first time she finally had to say in response to rumors! She began to explain this will be her first and only responded: "I never used to respond, do not take seriously the rumors, but the situation intensified, the people I love, so I decided to speak to." First talk about the other half of Guillaume Canet: "many years ago, I met a man in life, our son’s father and BB’s father in the belly. He’s my lover, my friend, and the only one I need." Marion then went on to say, "I’m so grateful to you for suggesting that I’ve been a big hit." Finally, she also talked about Julie: "I really hope that my respected Julie and Pete can find peace in this noisy time." A message, just one hour has accumulated 13 thousand praise, many netizens support her message.相关的主题文章: