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IT hot: non real name phone cards can buy   iPhone  7; buy Raiders –IT– review: a few days’ event makes people cheated again to focus on telecommunications fraud, especially in Shandong Linyi at the age of 18 prospective students Xu Yuyu was died after being cheated out of tuition fees, caused widespread concern and discussion, how to avoid telecommunications fraud posts and articles spread. – non real name phone card can buy virtual operators "of" online although the Ministry resorted big move and social because of telecommunications fraud cases, drew attention to information security, the "Securities Daily" the reporter found that there are still a number of virtual operators can still wantonly selling "real name" form. Taobao found in a second-hand trading platform, a seller of Quanzhou released news worthy of attention. With > > > iPhone – 7 purchase strategy: the most affordable which version? From Apple’s September autumn conference is getting closer, the news about the new iPhone also can be heard without end. How to do in the official website on the basis of pricing too stingy to pull out a hair, and not a penny, which version of the most affordable, look at this article. With > > > – Apple CEO Cook $130 million stock awards last weekend, Apple Corp disclosed documents show that its CEO Tim Cook has been in office since 2011, one of the largest stock awards. Documents show that Cook won 1 million 260 thousand shares of apple stock, worth about $135 million. With > > > mobile phone malware – big city easily caught in the Android platform as an example, 360 Internet Security Center data show that in 2015 the Android platform malware infection reached 367 million 210 thousand passengers, Beijing and Guangzhou are the high-risk city caught "". With > > – to eradicate trafficking information to prevent telecommunications fraud black industry chain with the University School approaching, Linyi city has at least 3 students from telecommunications fraud cases, 3 student bank card money cheated, of which two students suspected of sudden death, and cheated on social concerns. Black chain to eradicate the behind to prevent telecommunications fraud, on the one hand to strengthen the telecommunications fraud behavior supervision and accountability, on the other hand to control the leakage of personal information and reselling behavior. With > > >   (next page; commissioning editor: easy Xiao, Bi Lei)相关的主题文章: