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It introduces the choice of love 4 facts you need to know these public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Where did you first meet each other? On line! More and more people in a variety of sites and tools to bring together, come together. Online all is a liar? Only loser will fall to online dating? The exposure of the photos must not fly? No, the truth is not so simple. But do you know the truth about dating online? Online dating is not the truth of Internet dating loser and Internet dating gives stereotypes on the contrary, there is little evidence that Internet dating is unsociable strange people use the last social means. The study found that, contrary to the facts, online dating may be better communication, self-esteem, and the degree of anxiety on the lower. There is no evidence that people are dating online because they don’t have the ability to communicate with people around them. Online dating is just a way to meet new friends! There are a lot of motivations for people to start dating on the Internet, and there is usually a trigger, for example, a love affair, but generally speaking, people are more motivated to socialize than for personal reasons. People use online dating not because they are shy, but because they move to a new city, or work too long, or have no time to meet new friends. Online daters lie (but only slightly lie) although 94% deny their online dating page contains some white lies, but psychologists have suspected them of fraud. So the researchers measured the height and weight of 80 Internet dating couples, and examined the driver’s license to confirm their true age. When comparing these data with their home page, they found that 90% of people were lying at least on the measured data of the 1, but the magnitude was small. The most frequently reported weight was the average weight adjusted for 5%, and the date was more honest with their age (1.5% of the variance) and the height (a deviation of 1.1%). As expected, women tend to lose some weight, while men increase their height. The lies of little importance in the real world, because most white lies are difficult to verify from one person. Most online dating will eventually want to meet each other, they are very clear, if lying over the head, when the meeting will open. The fallacy of "pictures of the camera never lies" this sentence is nonsense. Even without Photoshop to eliminate wrinkles, camera angle and illumination can easily change your appeal in the eyes of others. People are instinctively aware of this when choosing a home page. Cornell University Thomas (Toma) and Hancock (Hancock) gave some internet dating who took pictures, and these pictures are compared with their home photos. It was found that although less attractive people were more likely to opt for a glorified photograph, the overall difference was not significant. The photos taken in the experiment were only a little bit more attractive than they were on the Internet dating site (about 5% for women)相关的主题文章: