It was a heavy man because of family conflicts to the

It was a heavy man because of family conflicts to the mother hands western network (Shaanxi radio and television "City Express" reporter Li Lilong) said the mother love, but yesterday (October 6th) evening, a son to his old mother waving a fist, this is what happened? The incident at half past eight yesterday evening, in Changan District Xinhua Street, a district of Xi’an, in the corridor, suddenly heard it, then heard a man shouting: "open the door for me." Residential tenants have said, in the corridor shouting chaos hit man, the residents of the unit, has been naughty for a while. Then the police arrived at the scene. The man’s relatives: "take the baton to get him down, he is prone to violence now, the district people are terrified, you go to a fire zenong." After a simple understanding of the situation, the police came to the 4 floor. Police: why." Man: "I call my family, my family does not open the door for me." Police: "you put your hands on something to put down." Man: "I do not leave." Police: "your father and your mother are downstairs." Man: "you’re going to call my mom and dad." As a result of men’s emotions, the police can only take decisive measures. After the man saw the police uniforms, four floor and five floor corridor was out of order. The two floor of the stairs, there are two windows, three fire hydrant glass door was smashed, the neighbor meter also failed to escape. Neighbor: "hit the shoe rack." Residential tenants: neighbors are afraid to go upstairs." Man’s relatives: "drink too much." The man’s relatives said, a thirty year old man surnamed Yang (pseudonym), and his wife for divorce, often drunk. Last night after he was drunk at home, because I did not see a 4 year old daughter, that his wife take the children away, be furious, actually the gas and in the old mother. Yang’s mother: I caught my head in the corner of the door a touch, take a flower pot hit the past." Fortunately, Yang’s sister got the news in time to go home, the old mother fled to the downstairs. Yang’s sister: "my mother’s head is full of sores, who are green." Yang said the sister, brother so drunk nonsense, is not the first time. Yang’s sister: This is the third time, when the new year to drink more, go back to my mother’s cabinet all over, some time ago my dad’s office also smashed." Yang said the sister, brother is the only child at home, but before that thing brother is a personality change, even the old mother don’t recognize. She said it was not related to the parents’ love for her brother. Yang’s sister: "my mother is more painful to him, he is also accustomed to." The Yang drink and fanhun, not only beat the old mother, also damaged public property, now he has received fifteen days of administrative detention punishment.相关的主题文章: