Japanese aid to the Philippine coast guard ships to patrol the island of Huangyan for the first time-candy candy

Japanese aid to the Philippine coast guard ships to patrol the island of Huangyan for the first time in four years (Figure) – Sohu Military Channel text with map: "chart Pakistan Taha" (MRRV-4401). Observer network reports: according to the "Philippines star" reported on November 8th, the Philippines Coast Guard said on that day, the Philippines has two patrol boats in 5 this month, arrived in Huangyan on the island began to patrol waters. This is the first time since 2012 China to achieve effective control of the island of Huangyan, Philippines patrol boats for the first time into the waters patrol. The Philippines Coast Guard commander William mellard? (William Melad) 8 said the mission is Philippines police "chart Pakistan Taha" patrol ship (Tubbataha, MRRV-4401) and MCS 3010 ship. The "Bataha", the Philippines coast guard patrol boat is the most active new ship, 44 meters long. In August this year, delivered by Japan, the official service in October. Although the police no longer stop before Chinese Philippines fishing boat into the sea, but because of the bad weather that day ", the Philippine patrol boats found a Philippines fishing vessel". In addition, the Philippines has not publicly patrol specific position and more details, also did not disclose whether the site suffered Chinese patrol ship. At the same time, the Philippines media reports also did not provide live pictures. But Maillard said that in the future will be equipped with more patrol boats." Philippine police spokesman said on the 3 day, in addition to the above 2 patrol boats, there are also 3 patrol boats in the harbor. The operation was carried out under the request of the Philippine Minister of transport, the action deliberately avoided the visit of President Duthel Te’s visit to Philippines. Philippines’s transport minister Arthur? Tujiade (Arther Tugade) 3 said, this is just a "test the water", Philippines patrol ship does not intend to direct conflict with Chinese maritime police vessel. Philippine police spokesman also said, "this action is to confirm Philippines fishermen activities in the sea. Our basic requirement is not to engage in any provocative actions, not undermine the diplomatic efforts of President Duthel Te." China since 2012 to achieve the effective control of the waters of the island of Huangyan, Philippines fishing boats to enter the waters of the operation. Last month, Philippines’s president Duthel Te’s visit to China, China maritime police ship while still patrolling the waters, but the Philippine fishing boats can work. In October this year in Philippines during President Duthel Te’s visit to China, the two countries have signed bilateral cooperation documents up to 13 items, including the police field. Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said that Duthel Te’s visit fruitful and full restoration of friendly relations between the two countries. For some of the new changes in the waters of the island of Huangyan, foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said on October 31st, the Chinese side has been exercising the normal jurisdiction of Huangyan, the situation has not changed. At present, Yiduteerte president’s visit to China as a symbol, fully improve the relations between China and the philippines. In such a situation, in accordance with the issues of concern to President Duthel Te, the Chinese side to make appropriate arrangements based on the friendship between China and the philippines.相关的主题文章: