Japanese media said in the missing Chinese trainees for Japanese illicitly saving new network – in-exit safe mode

Japanese media said in the "missing" Chinese trainees for Japanese illicitly saving Beijing – [Global Times correspondent in Japan, Li Zhen] Japanese Ministry of Justice announced in October 31st data show that foreigners in Japan trainees missing record number. In 2015, foreigners in Japan trainees 5803 people unaccounted for, more than 4847 people last year, which Chinese most, to reach 3116 people, followed by the Vietnamese, burmese. The missing foreign trainees are still stranded in Japan by working for a living. Japanese media Statistics said that since 2011, China’s missing trainees have reached 10580 people. For the large number of missing Chinese trainees about Japan’s "Sankei Shimbun" one said, missing China trainees can find a job in Japan and live, because more and more doing business in Japan Chinese hiring illegal detention Chinese. This kind of "horizontal cooperation" between Chinese people makes more and more Chinese trainees in japan. "Sankei Shimbun" linked to the household registration system in China, said to do a lot of trainees in Japan, the Chinese people from three or four cities in Northeast China’s rural areas. The household registration system makes a lot of young people can not be integrated into Beijing, Shanghai and other big city life, so they do the influx of Japanese trainees, and "missing" to save money illicitly. Although the Japanese government and the media is always secretive, but more and more voices pointed out that "the Japanese skills intern system is the real arch-criminal". In 70s Japan entered a period of rapid growth of economy, enterprises with a substantial increase in cost, some companies began to recruit foreign trainees "on behalf of a large number of cheap labor, engaged in agriculture, seafood processing, warehouse handling and other work to do Japanese. The common feature of these jobs is the heavy physical labor, trainees learn less than any special skills. Today, trainees rely on the continuation of the last century in 70s, wages can not sustain life. Many Japanese companies not only withheld black trainees meager salary, they also impose a long time to work overtime, confiscation of passports and restriction of personal freedom, the trainee system called "modern slavery". Even the Sankei Shimbun also acknowledged that there are Japanese enterprises and groups will be considered as a graduate student cheap labor, forcing trainees to engage in excessive labor, contributed to the disappearance of trainees. "Global Times" reporter found that trainees do Chinese monthly income is generally 5000 yuan in Japan, which compared with the domestic has no advantage at all, plus overtime long estranged from his family and other factors, have accelerated the collapse of trainees in Japan market. A lot of research students to Japan after the discovery of the work contents and the environment never had the time of registration promised each other so well, but also the loss of personal freedom, so they choose to return or seek development. Japan’s Ministry of justice in 2015 released statistics show that from 2008 to in 6 years, the number of foreign students in Japan to reduce the number of about 50 thousand people. In recent years, from Vietnam’s foreign trainees sued the Japanese company of the number of cases increased sharply, winning rate is very high. Japanese media have also exposed the evil of the system, forcing the Japanese government.相关的主题文章: