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Jiangsu will implement the retirement age policy of urban and rural medical insurance system will be unified Yangzi Evening News (reporter Yang Tianzi) yesterday, the office of the provincial government issued the "Jiangsu province" in 13th Five-Year "of human resources and social security development planning", focus on employment, social insurance, personnel and other livelihood hot discussed. The basic medical insurance system for urban and rural residents will be gradually unified "planning" clear, "13th Five-Year" period, the province will establish a more equitable and sustainable social security system. To improve the system of personal accounts of basic endowment insurance, disability allowance and survivor policy implementation, the implementation of the state on the implementation of progressive retirement age policy. Efforts to improve the level of integration of urban and rural residents basic pension insurance system, in order to set up the city as a unit, gradually unified basic pension standards, payment levels and financial subsidies standards. To integrate the basic medical insurance for urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical care system, and establish a unified basic medical insurance system for urban and rural residents. Improve the urban and rural residents serious illness insurance system, and promote the medical insurance agencies and medical institutions, drug suppliers bargaining mechanism, improve the protection mechanism of major diseases. In addition, the province will also establish a unified mechanism for the basic pension institutions and enterprise retirees, urban and rural residents basic pension adjustment mechanism to achieve a steady increase in the level of basic old-age insurance treatment. Medical insurance stable financing and reimbursement reimbursement mechanism will also be gradually improved. Perfect the Medicare payment policy, steadily improving financial subsidy standards, outpatient expenses and medical insurance for urban workers, urban and rural residents health insurance policy within the hospital medical expenses reimbursement rates were stable at 80%, about 75%. Research Institute of provincial colleges and universities, the decentralization of authority in our province senior assessment personnel evaluation mechanism will also further improve the reform of professional classification system will promote. The gradual decentralization of provincial universities, research institutes and large hospital senior assessment authority, broaden the non-public economic organizations and social organizations to participate in professional title evaluation personnel application channels. The evaluation criteria for the classification of personnel engaged in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, application development and basic research, and increase the weight of the technology development, the application of results, patent invention, etc.. To improve the evaluation system of skilled personnel, which is based on the combination of the socialization of professional skills identification, the evaluation of skilled personnel and the professional qualification certification. Promotion of professional and technical titles, skills equivalent to the same big city settled practice. Strengthen the incentive mechanism for talents, innovation technology, skills elements involved in the form of income distribution, to encourage and support professional and technical personnel and skilled personnel in scientific research institutions and enterprises to flow and get the appropriate remuneration.相关的主题文章: