Jilin Province, new vehicle management right of free use of each period to 8 years-cashmere mafia

Jilin Province: new vehicle management right of free use of each period to 8 years for the implementation of the "guiding opinions on deepening the reform of the general office of the State Council to promote the healthy development of the taxi industry" (Guo Ban Fa 2016 No. 58) Interim Measures for online booking taxi business service management and the Department of transportation and other seven ministries jointly issued "" (order of the Ministry of transport in 2016 sixtieth), with the consent of the provincial government, the provincial government office issued the "opinions on deepening reform and promoting the healthy development of the taxi industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). Key words: the new cruise car cruising operation rights can be free to use 8 years, the implementation of the opinions, improve the management of the right to operate system. New cruise taxi (hereinafter referred to as the cruise car) operating rights to implement restrictions. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the regulations of the Jilin Municipality on the administration of urban public passenger transport, the term of operation right shall not exceed 8 years, and the specific term may be determined by the people’s governments of all cities in light of the actual conditions. In the case that the existing operating rights are not clearly defined as the operating period or exceed the statutory period of operation, all localities shall formulate a transitional approach and reasonably determine the specific period according to law. The right to operate a new cruise car shall not change the main business. The existing cruise car franchise, the need to change the business subject in time, to go through the alteration formalities in accordance with the conditions and procedures prescribed by laws and regulations, and shall not be allowed to transfer speculation. New cruise car operating rights of free use. Where the right to use the right to operate has been paid, the fee for the use of compensation shall be phased out. Improve the access and exit mechanism. The people’s governments of all cities should establish the access and exit mechanism of the allocation of management rights and the quality of service. For the implementation of the total control of the right to operate the cruise car, the quality of service can be configured by way of bidding. The term of operation right expires or the major problems in service quality, operating in the process of major production safety accidents, serious illegal acts, assessment of credit quality of service failure, should recover the right to operate in accordance with the law. Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry. Encourage the parade car operators, network operators about the car (hereinafter referred to online car platform company) through mergers, restructuring, absorption in the form of the implementation of the company management in accordance with the modern enterprise system, realize the integration and development of old and new formats. Encourage the operators to provide a network of itinerant car service. Keywords: Network about cars reasonably determine the grade requirements of vehicles and freight "opinions" to further clarify the network about the car management system, the requirements of the country with the local actual situation, formulate specific standards about network vehicle and operational requirements. According to the level of local economic development, consumer spending, the level of the parade car, adjacent to the city network about vehicle access standards and prices, the actual situation, reasonably determine the vehicle grade requirements. At the same time to the local vehicle local operations, the same network about car drivers and vehicles in a number of network about car platform company registration and other issues made clear requirements. About the car network platform company announced to comply with relevant regulations of the state odometer, reasonably determine the network about cars and freight price tags. Key words: carpool carpooling clear all rights, obligations and responsibilities of the "implementation.相关的主题文章: