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Jingdong to enter the rural market leveraging UAV U.S. stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks Beijing time 2 days Chinese the largest online retailers are now fierce competition, want to have the upper hand in 600 million of the population of the rural market. Quartz reports that China’s second largest e-commerce company, Jingdong, will become the first major retailer to use unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver goods to inaccessible areas. In order to deliver goods to the vast inland area, the technology of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) is used, and what potential value can the retailers find in these inaccessible areas?. Needless to say, the largest online retail trading volume or from those densely populated southeast regions, such as Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, but the fastest growth rate is smaller from the mainland market, the local people’s disposable income is increasing rapidly. Last month, China’s biggest e-commerce giant, Alibaba, announced plans to use Beijing as a hub to open a market for 400 million people in less developed northern regions. Jingdong are also eager to come to rural consumers, and even launch a program to educate them how to shop online. Over the past year, the company has hired about 150 thousand rural promoters to pay for their neighbors how to use their own websites to help deliver goods to the right places. But it’s often difficult to deliver the goods to the countryside, because the terrain is bad and the roads are not ideal. Because of this, by the end of 2015, the company began to pilot in Jiangsu, using red flying robot to deliver goods. Jingdong will enter the rural market in the hopes of the UAV Jingdong spokesman Gaertner (Josh Gartner) of Quartz said that one purpose of this pilot is to help the company to open the electronic morning rural market, as they once did in the town market. The challenge is, of course, severe, because in addition to ensuring quality management, they also need to speed up service, but rural areas often lack such freight infrastructure as the city, and also lack of trained personnel. "We find that many areas are very difficult to reach, which is too far away from developed areas." Gartner said, in some places even greater distance of the city is only 10 kilometers, but poor road conditions, the UAV has become the only option at this stage. Amazon, an American e-commerce giant, has long used the idea that drones deliver goods directly to the end consumers, but the Jingdong is different, and they want to use drones to deliver large quantities of parcels to each village. This means that the drones they use must be big enough, powerful enough, and they need to be able to travel long distances. Jingdong hopes that it will be able to reach the same day or the next day in those cities where it is difficult to reach. Last November, the company’s CFO, Huang Xuande, once told investors that 90% of Jingdong’s direct orders were delivered on the same day or the next day, 3

京东借力无人机进军乡村市场 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股北京时间2日讯 中国最大的线上零售商们现在正在展开激烈竞争,想要在6亿人口的乡村市场占得先机。Quartz报道称,中国第二大电子商务公司京东将成为第一家利用无人机向难以到达地区送货的主流零售商。   为了向广阔的内陆地区送货,居然用上了无人机这样的技术,也可见这些难以到达的地区对于零售商们具有怎样的潜在价值。毋庸赘言,当前最大的线上零售交易量还是来自那些人口密集的东南部地区,如广东、江苏和浙江,但是最快的增长速度却是来自规模更小的内地市场,当地人的可任意支配收入正在迅速增加。   上个月,中国最大的电子商务巨头阿里巴巴宣布了自己的计划,打算利用北京为枢纽,打开欠发达的北部地区4亿人口的市场。京东也同样渴求来到乡村消费者面前,甚至推出了一个教育他们如何上网购物的计划。   过去一年当中,该公司雇用了大约15万名“乡村推广员”,支付报酬,要他们教会他们的邻居如何使用自己的网站,帮助货品送到正确的地方等。不过,要将货送到乡下往往很困难,因为地形糟糕,道路情况也很不理想。正因为如此,2015年年底,该公司开始在江苏进行了试点,使用红色的飞行机器人来送货。 京东将进军乡村市场的希望寄托在无人机上   京东发言人加特纳(Josh Gartner)对Quartz介绍说,这试点的目的之一正是为了帮助电子上午公司打开乡村市场,就像他们曾经在城镇市场做到的那样。挑战当然是严峻的,因为除开确保质量管理之外,他们还需要加快服务速度,但乡村地区往往既缺乏城市这样的货运基础设施,也缺乏训练有素的人员。   “我们发现,很多地区都是非常难以到达的,那里距离发达地区距离太远。”加特纳补充说,有些地方哪怕距离较大的城市只有10公里,但是糟糕的道路条件之下,无人机也成为了现阶段唯一的选项。   美国电子商务巨头亚马逊早就有利用无人机直接将商品递送到终端消费者手里的打算,但京东还有所不同,他们是想要利用无人机将大量包裹一同递送到各个乡村的统一货站。这就意味着他们使用的无人机必须足够大,有足够强的运力,而且需要能够长途跋涉。京东希望自己能够在那些难以到达的地区也实现和城市中一样的当日或者次日送达。   去年11月,公司的首席财务官黄宣德曾经对投资者表示,京东90%的直销订单都是当日或者次日送达的,这一点他们的竞争对手们都做不到。(子衿) 责任编辑:李兀 SF053相关的主题文章: