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Jiuzhaigou cleaners remind visitors don’t litter scolded: you are picking up trash in the trash at October 6th eleven this year, golden week has come to an end, enter Jiuzhaigou (micro-blog) a few days before the tourists fell. But because of the rain, Jiuzhaigou disposable rain gear more garbage, garbage area within two days before the stock is bujianfanzeng. According to the official data show that in Jiuzhaigou, October 3rd, 4 days, Jiuzhaigou tourists have reached the maximum carrying capacity of tourists of 41 thousand people, the number of people on. As of October 5th 4 in the afternoon, the day of Jiuzhaigou tourists 33014 people, before the hot scene tends to be gentle. Although the amount of tourists on the day to reduce the nearly ten thousand people. But according to the area within the cleaning staff, because of the rain, many tourists using the disposable raincoat rubber boots directly after the discard, make the day in the scenic garbage multiplication. 6 am at about 10 am, Jiuzhaigou scenic is still floating in the rain. Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter to walk from the scenic ride to the panda bamboo sea sea, along the way found many tourists as the rain weakened, have to take off the disposable raincoat and boots. Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter noted that most tourists chose to change gear beside the trash can, and will be put into the trash with umbrellas. But there is still a small part of the tourists directly in place torn broken boots, throw in place and then leave. An official Jian Zhuhai to Panda sea segment cleaning aunt said, because of the rainy day umbrella garbage disposable increased, the 5 day she cleaned more than and 20 bags of garbage, equivalent to the total two days before cleaning the garbage. During the conversation, the cleaning aunt put a piece of discarded rubber soles picked up and thrown into the trash 20 meters away. She told the upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter, along the way there are a lot of trash, but some tourists have to throw around. Once she verbally remind littering tourists, did not expect the other party actually answer back sarcastically: " you are a garbage ". Editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for extended reading Sichuan doctors make cleaners to anesthetic patients claimed that the hospital condition is such相关的主题文章: