KEMET film shares the world’s eight Europa into the second largest shareholder,

KEMET film shares the world’s eight "Europa"   into the second largest shareholder, entertainment channel, Gao Jingdong and Luc Besson photo of Luc Besson?? Beijing time on September 29, 2016, Shanghai KEMET film Limited by Share Ltd (referred to as: KEMET film) announcement, announced plans to invest 60 million euros ($450 million RMB) per share. The subscription price of 5.25 euros in France, 27.89% of the shares of the Europa Corp. After the completion of this investment, the base will become the "second major shareholders of the eighth world film company in Europa, KEMET pictures chairman Gao Jingdong will serve as director of Europa Corp. Europa Corp was founded in 1999 by the world’s leading director, screenwriter and producer Luc Besson. Luc Besson’s "The Professional", "the fifth element", "blue sky" and other classic films for the world know and love, he also became the pioneer and world class French film director, he directed the film grossed $1 billion 500 million worldwide. The Europa Corp’s main business is the production and distribution of films and TV series, and the sale of international film copyright. In the past 17 years (as of March 31, 2016), produced by the film production company number reached 109, the total number of issued film amounted to 148, including the "super representative body", "hurricane rescue" series, "death express" series and "taxi" series. Europa over the years produced a total of $worldwide film box office and $4 billion, of which only 2014-2015 fiscal year, it had climbed to $1 billion, which also won the world’s eighth largest film company, said. As a company founded in 2008, based on the Chinese international film company, KEMET film has been adhering to China internationalization and international film industry integration concept, is committed to open Chinese films and international film industrialization system channels, the integration of international resources for Chinese film production. KEMET film are equipped with the company or branch offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Losangeles, Paris, in the international cooperation and improve the internal development, production, marketing, and integration of industrial chain. In 2012, KEMET film and Europa Corp signed a strategic cooperation agreement for three years, become the exclusive partner of Europa in the Chinese. During the period, both sides jointly produced the "violent block", "super body", "3" and "death to rescue hurricane express 4" global distribution etc. series of high-quality commercial films, since then, the two sides jointly produced by a large magic "warrior’s gate" to reach closer cooperation. In May 2015, Europa based beauty and renew the five cooperation agreement, many aspects in the field of film has more collaboration depth, such as the reputation of the bursting of the joint production of "nine lives" and other films. Total investment in the joint investment by $200 million in science fiction "star agent" in the United States for the first time with the main control based on a large international project, which is a China Film Corporation breakthrough step in cooperation with the international top movie company in. One year later, the United States and Europe相关的主题文章: