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Kenya three women Baojia attacks the local police have been killed in the original title: three women "report" Police Bureau of Kenya coastal city of Mombasa, a police station 10 attacks. 3 women under the guise of the attackers report into the police station, then suddenly threw grenades and stabbed a policeman. Police said the 3 attackers have been killed. The attack could be linked to the Somali militant group Al shabab. Terrorist attack? Mombasa police and witnesses said the 3 women went into the police station on the morning of 10, claiming that the phone was stolen. Who, then they suddenly took out under the robe of the tools and incendiary bomb attack on the police. "Accept inquiries, one of them took the knife to the police, others threw fire bombs," Mombasa County police chief Paterson · maelo said, "the police station on fire. The police killed the 3 men. Two police officers admitted to hospital after injury. This could be a terrorist attack." Salma Mohamed · the time of the incident is a police station to visit relatives were in custody. He said that one of the attackers in an inquiry jumped to the reception desk, a police officer stabbed in the thigh. Another officer Nelson · Marwa told reporters, the police also from the 3 people who found two vest and a not throw bomb. There are clues police are now investigating the attack. Two unnamed police source told the Reuters reporter, who had before the attack late harboring the 3 attackers woman has been arrested. According to witnesses, Salma Mohamed said, · the 3 attackers attack "shouted the Somali Youth Party", which may be associated with the militant group. However, this statement has not been confirmed by the police. The Somali youth party associated with Al Qaeda, originally occupied most parts of central and southern Somalia, but the formation of a new government in Somalia in September 2012 after the new government in the African Union peacekeeping force to assist, gradually will be an important city youth party armed expelled. Since then, the party often launched retaliatory attacks, the attack will be extended to participate in the African Union peacekeeping force in the country, including several serious terrorist attacks in Kenya. According to Xinhua news agency editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章: