Kevin Tsai to become wayward bestie fit; sister hungry ending — Jiangsu

Kevin Tsai s body becomes willful bestie   "sister" ending – hungry Jiangsu windows — original title: Kevin Tsai s sister bestie "fit again become wayward hungry" warm ending this summer, the phenomenon of super network in "sister" brought a spicy hungry crawfish, small in the mainland variety the style also began to show edges from the beginning is that " " " later; embarrassment; " embarrassment; have a faction, to more and more knows how to handle different types of men of God, and dig out the stem and highlights of who they are. Ending the occasion, invited friends to Kevin Tsai, not long ago to micro-blog said has nothing to do with Kevin Tsai, this time, Kevin Tsai also to pre emptive, " " said to anger; don’t believe I can personally presided over. However, the "angry" after he or she really admire to: "not only can one host, and, when she said the program should not be embarrassed when she really was carrying out her things." 12 "food" is different, only to force the small men of God on the other side of users who have a message, "see" the most wonderful sister "hungry feeling is, every time I was surprised to see the other side of the big coffee god." In the "sister" hungry, ultra high EQ actor Huang Bo also can incarnate roar emperor gentleman; Aarif Lee Polytechnic male can also be Meng Meng Da, who holds his voice comic funny than; "a man Tong Dawei Tong" in addition to honest, but also health vegetables "walk; hormone" Gao Yunxiang, the Goddess is lifted unequivocally, to the small s clothes, domineering favor, but on the wife of twins, Gao Yunxiang was in tears, tenderness becomes not much God; his Nicky Wu, in "sister" is not only a rhetorical hungry emperor, is selling anti Liao even adorable; this summer the hottest male god William Chan, also open the anti pattern in the Liao s offensive, showing a more charming. There are civilians Dapeng male god counterattack, funny than the male god Liu Ye, wife of pet male god Huang Xiaoming, upright boy Li Ronghao under her offensive, showing a more close to life. Even the famous director Feng Xiaogang is no exception to show the other side of the unknown. Feng Xiaogang works a lot, since the genre style, but in the "hungry" sister, Feng Xiaogang no director of the shelf, but a warm uncle next door, not only for the very small is the favorite, more like a child playing games and small mud. There is wisdom God Kevin Tsai, in other programs, Kevin Tsai is always a high EQ IQ of adults, but with little together, he as a child to himself, with a grudge bestie. To make so many big coffee God show on the other side, in addition to small strong ability to control field, there are small flexible, weird style. Some netizens even said "only a small s can be forced out of the other side of the male gods." The question has been recognized, and "s sister hungry" the transformation of the road as a small return for the mountains, "elder sister" by hungry high purity of the original)相关的主题文章: