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Korean media: the United States recommended that South Korea imported two sets of thad Korea or deploy nuclear submarine data figure: "Sade" missile defense system, the original title: Korean media: the United States recommended that South Korea imported two sets of thad Korea or deploy nuclear submarine despite North Korea’s submarine launched ballistic missile test is successful, if it means that in addition to Sade "radar range sea launch, the anti missile system actually can not play a role, but it also seems to be difficult to stop South Korea to deploy" Sade "pace. Yonhap news agency said 30 American experts suggest that through the deployment of two sets rather than originally planned a "Sade" system, to make up for the lack of radar detection range. Reported that the United States James · Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies for East Asian Affairs Director Geoffrey · Lewis 29 that is called "KN-11" North Korean submarine launched ballistic missiles can be fired from a missile launch vehicle on the ground, which will enable more flexible use of North Korean missile forces, and caused more a threat to South korea. Lewis believes that although KN-11 is a submarine missile, but can not prevent North Korea from its transformation into land launched missiles. KN-11 uses solid fuel, and the launch time is much shorter than that of liquid fuel missiles. He believes that because North Korea may also launch multiple ballistic missiles to attack South Korea KN-11, no matter in the water or on the ground, as long as the adjustment of the emission angle, the near vertical dive to the target words, even if the use of "Sade" anti missile system to intercept it is difficult to guarantee. North Korea for the launch of the submarine launched missile attacks against South Korea, South Korea, it is necessary to deploy 2 sets of Sade system, at least to eliminate some of the threat posed by KN-11. South Korean military for the de Sade to find a number of locations to deploy the objective also supports this proposal. According to South Korea, "Central Daily" reported that South Korean defense policy director Liu Jisheng 29, announced that the Korea US joint working group started the day to evaluate other candidate deployment locations. These sites were, in the area, golf and mountain, magpie hill custom. In addition, in order to deal with North Korean submarines carrying ballistic missiles, Han Jun is discussing the need to deploy nuclear submarines. South Korean Defense Minister Han Minqiu said, will listen carefully to the views of the surrounding nuclear powered submarines, reference in the business". South Korean military official said, the Minister of South Korea’s position to a large extent means that the military will consider the fact that the construction of nuclear powered submarines". * (Wu Yan)相关的主题文章: