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LadyGaGa into the history of the fifth Super Bowl finale singer Lady GaGa into the history of the fifth Super Bowl finale singer Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 30th news, according to foreign media reports, American pop singer Lady GaGa local time on Thursday officially confirmed that she will be a Super Bowl halftime show finale next year. Prior to this, the media have reported that Lady Gaga will be participating in the next super bowl halftime show. Lady GaGa officially announced the news on Twitter: This is not an illusion, the rumors are true. This year’s super bowl has GAGA!" Earlier this month it had informed sources, Lady GaGa will participate in next year’s Super Bowl. U.S. local time on February 5, 2017, the fifty-first Super Bowl contest will be held at the NRG stadium in Houston. In early 2016 the fiftieth Super Bowl performance, Lady GaGa stage singing the National Anthem of the United States, Coldplay (Coldplay) and Beyonce (Beyonce) and Mars brother Bruno MAS (Bruno Mars) were carried out with the halftime show. It is worth mentioning that, in the Super Bowl halftime show in the history of Lady GaGa is only fifth independent female singers in the finale of the show. Prior to this, including Britney – Spears (Britney Spears), Shania Dumne (Shania Twain), Christina Aguilera (Christina Aguilera), Gloria Esti Van (Gloria Estefan) and Jeanne Jackson (Janet Jackson) have boarded the stage of the super bowl, but their performances were with other musicians cooperation. In the Lady GaGa before the last five years, Madonna (Madonna) is the first female singer finale of the Super Bowl halftime show in 2012, she sang the halftime show in twelve minutes. In the show, Madonna chose "Vogue", "Like a Prayer" and "Open Your Heart" and "Express Yourself" the two song medley. Finally, Nicky – Mina Chicken with Chili and Sichuan Pepper (Nicki Minaj) and M.I.A. on stage, and she performed together at the time of the song "Give Me All Your Lovin". In 2013 and 2015, Beyonce and Katie Perry and has as the last guests attended the Super Bowl halftime show. The last five years is the Super Bowl female singer came to a number of middle period, the most before, only a female singer who had served as the tournament’s halftime show finale guest, this is the 1996 Diana – Ross (Diana Ross). In the twenty years before the show, the NKOTB boy (New Kids o)相关的主题文章: