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Lang Ping rebuked the network " open letter " coined   consumption has become a celebrity network disaster – the media – original title: Lang Ping refuted: false fiction! Lang Pinggang returned home, woke up and was pretending to be. The previous mentioned "Tall trees catch much wind", is used in the entertainment stars, but now, the hot Olympic Sports championship, also have such troubles. This does not, in the Rio Olympic Games, women’s volleyball team China after a lapse of 12 years to return to the top, the champion, the whole nation will once again look at Lang Ping and the young team, the network began to spread a "Lang Ping" in an open letter, the letter words are encouraging. However, August 24th at 5:45 in the afternoon, just returned shortly after Lang Ping responded on the matter but at micro-blog, said the so-called open letter, others expressed reservations and fiction, by means of legal responsibility right. Some people pretend to be Lang Ping Lang guide "three point statement" the net "Lang Ping open letter", there has been a lot of heated rhetoric — such as "no country concerned day really is not easy, in order to eat dinner, I have to clear the life, identity, to coax a bunch of will not play with the kids, even dragging his injured leg fighting in the arena. Leave the motherland, I really almost did not, etc.. This open letter forgery — "I also mentioned in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games women’s volleyball team beat Chinese led the women’s volleyball team, let the motherland in a home. Then called me "traitor" and "traitor", even "cursed me is an American mother" patriots, please do not now be changed to praise me, I don’t deserve it." 24 at 17:45, Lang Ping responded by micro-blog: last night, finally returned to Beijing, thank you for the warm welcome. Wake up WeChat exploded again, an "Lang Ping’s open letter" accident, friends have to ask whether I wrote. Carefully read the contents of the letter, I made three statements: first, this article is completely false fiction! Second, all the adverse consequences resulting in this article after the fiction is borne by the author! Third, I reserve the right to pursue this matter by legal means!" Many users have a message: "don’t ignore the long guide resort to deceit wretch and important thing is to take care of your body, no matter what, we all love you." Fake celebrity famous actually like virus spread in fact, in recent years, the popularity of the network on celebrity false quotations, fake chicken soup is not uncommon. Mr. Yang Jiang passed away, many people are all WeChat friends condolence and memory of words shuabing. Meanwhile, a false in the name of Yang Jiang 100th speech is the communication in the "viral" way off, so many people have forwarded that the memorial for gospel truth. "We were so eager for the fate of the waves, only to find out in the end, life is the most beautiful scenery, was actually the inner calm and calm. We have so much to look forward to the recognition of the outside world, in the end to know that the world is their own, no relationship with others." This is many celebrities, big V "hands down" and statements of handwritten font decoration chicken soup to have some color? West China city newspaper reporter相关的主题文章: