Lanzhou Jincheng forum invited Mo Yan and other famous guest tickets to the public free of charge – ca1835

Lanzhou Jincheng forum invited Mo Yan and other famous guest tickets to the public free of charge – Beijing Beijing in August 25 Lanzhou Xinhua (reporter Liu Xuemei) Yu Hua, Yu Qiuyu, Mo Yan three has the cultural influence in the cultural circles of the China culture masters, will soon be to visit Lanzhou Jincheng "forum". On the afternoon of 25, "the culture of Lanzhou, the first silk road sharing" national (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo press conference held a series of activities, Lanzhou municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Deputy Minister Zhu Jianjun said, more than three "Jincheng forum" the highlight for the public free tickets. In March of this year, Lanzhou city planning launched the "cultural Lanzhou, universal sharing" public welfare projects. Jia Pingwa, Wang Meng, have invited Wang Liqun, Chen Duo, Su Tong, Li Jingze, Ouyang Jianghe, Zhai Yongming, Hong Chong, Zhang Qinghua and many other famous culture into Lanzhou, organized by the "Jincheng forum" held, readings and other forms of teaching, literary creation and dissemination of cultural knowledge, reading classics and interact with the public seal. Zhu Jianjun said, held "Jincheng forum" is a new measure to enhance the soft power of the city, to strengthen the humanistic support force. Allows the public to enjoy the cultural feast in the process of perception of culture, enhance their own, and through the activities to improve the degree of urban civilization, highlighting the charm of Lanzhou City, Lanzhou. Zhu Jianjun, August 27th, writer Yu Hua in Jincheng theater for the love of literature brought to the public in the theme of "writing" the hypocrisy and reality speech; September 1st, scholar Yu Qiuyu for everyone to do "the road" context and silk China theme report in the Lanzhou music hall; in September 17th, the first China won the Nobel prize for literature. Mo Yan is also in the Lanzhou music hall, do "about Chinese and dialogue in the world" theme of the report for you. (end)相关的主题文章: