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Le Jia book "light" face the pain behind the fragile and embarrassing entertainment news (Fang Fang Wen Tencent) at the end of last year, Le Jia recorded in "the great challenge" fire special was accidentally injured, was rushed to the hospital after treatment, single leakage caused by privacy is not hidden. Le Jia "egg broken", become the topic of the year. Over the past year, Le Jia in the end what has gone through? Egg broken event follow-up how? Recently, Le Jia’s new book "light" listed, September 23rd, Le Jia held in Beijing the readers, Le Jia Frank to let everyone know his pain behind the fragile and embarrassed, Le Jia feeling let all people feel his strong and calm. In the new book, "light", he faced his own, in good faith about the past year’s experience and mentality. Meet the scene Le Jia to the audience to share the creative reasons for the new book, about his creative experience. About the book, he said, as the battered patients, they want to travel sick record, let all want to know the pain of others, know each other’s psychology; followed by the men’s health concept popular, he believes that now everyone on the physical health knowledge too little, hope that through this book to do some work of popular; third, write a lot of human psychology, such as the doctor and get along. "The more you know, the more you know the difference in human nature. I hope that the "light" male "egg" has not only become the encyclopedia, more important is the analysis on the character, analysis about human psychology is worth attention. One day, when you meet a sudden change in your life, you will know what to do with it. "Light" attitude is everything can become indifferent." He hoped that we will not only pay attention to the physiological part of the book, but also pay more attention to the psychological aspects. Le Jia in his speech forthrightly and share their feelings of pain. A lot of things in his story became funny, but everyone can feel the pain behind the vulnerability and embarrassment, touched by his strong and calm. For example, by his own experience, he talked about how to visit a patient, he listed his friends practice: a well-known female writer that Le Jiayou "egg broken" may, to visit in addition to a potted plant, and a set of "historical records", let him in pain when you can read. Later she heard that I cut off after the operation is successful, no balls, also very disappointed, because she gave me not to use the "historical records"." Let him the most touching is a friend silently in the ward with him for two days, although the two words is not much, but in Le Jia seems to help him to solve many problems. He is the biggest mood to help a friend about his treatment of anal fistula, "listen to him so painful, my mood is good, this is the typical characteristics of red character." He is the most disgusting, visit him scolded him, listen to advice, to participate in the reality show, the "egg" to play bad. He said that through this book, we can more clearly know how to help others and help themselves. Le Jia will be written through "All is lost." this egg broken title is not reliable相关的主题文章: