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Real-Estate First-time home buyers are sometimes surprised by the many fees at closing. A good realtor will inform their client that they will pay about 2.5 percent of the price of the home for closing costs. This amount may be as high as 3 percent or more in some situations. One thing that you can do to be prepared for closing is ask for a good faith estimate (GFE) once your application is in. By law, lenders have to tell you what they estimate closing costs will be, as well as your annual percentage rate (APR) within three days of your applications submission. Subsequent negotiations and adjustments will probably change the cost somewhat after the first application, but you still have a right to know how much it will cost. First Time Home Buyers May Have Fewer Options Most lenders have at least a couple of different options for fee payment. Some institutions offer a "no cost" loan that allows you to purchase a home with little or no out-of-pocket cost, which is attractive to first-time buyers. Be warned that you will have a higher interest rate than the average mortgage borrower. You also have the option to put more money down through buying points and therefore lower your interest rate. Shopping around for the best rate is ideal if you have the leisure time and resources, but many first-timers are more concerned with coming up with closing costs. Discussing options in detail with your lender will provide you with the most valuable information. Become Educated in the Purchase Process Lenders typically charge a one percent origination fee in addition to a processing fee. This processing fee can be anything from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. If you are using a mortgage broker, there will also be bank fees. Some of these bank fees will be items like an underwriting fee or a document preparation fee, and usually runs between $600 and $995. When your lender gives you a GFE, it will have title fees and appraisal costs listed as well. These fees will vary directly depending on the loan amount, and are usually between $1,000 and $2,000. An appraisal charge starts at $350. With the number of varying factors at play when purchasing a home, getting a GFE from your loan officer is necessary to the process. Escrow Necessitates Tax, Prepaid Interest and Insurance Payments Financing fees are just one part of the closing costs. To make sure you get financing for your home purchase, you will have to have proof of insurance as well as pay one year’s worth of insurance premiums. In this way you will have secured your investment along with the banks. Property tax on your new home and any prorated interest will be added to the closing costs. Again, in order to prepare for closing costs, smart buyers consult to their Good Faith Estimate. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: