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Lee Hom rolled Taosexinwen response: not really don’t believe – Beijing, Beijing, September 16, "China   according to the Taiwan times news, Lee Hom spent over 4 years on the concert documentary" firepower "was finally completed, before the date of its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, let the world fans are quite looking forward to, unexpectedly, but recently the media broke the news 4 years ago on suspicion of prostitution is a singer, Lee Hom, in this regard, Lee Hom formally responded:" anyway, not to believe, is not the real thing". The media recently dug up in 2012 before the singer suspected prostitution news, and to "Lee Hom on suspicion of prostitution" as the title, the famous Korean spice and Lee Hom lived in the building, and show a woman in the elevator scene, said the woman left, and another man entered the motel, suggesting that identity complex, but the photos and no Lee Hom, also insert another Lee Hom 2013 with small die Lin Xiaoyun lift with pictures, to support, in addition to photographs only 3 "insiders" recordings, which can cause suspicion. According to reports, Lee Hom recently busy propaganda film at the Toronto Film Festival, was asked to issue a formal clarification said: "if you don’t believe, is not the real thing, is not worth mentioning again on a day like today, the Lee Hom company also responded:" this is false news, what need not clarify".相关的主题文章: