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UnCategorized The mass exodus of revelers to the top Carnivale cities in Brazil has begun. This has blanketed a calm upon these cities that have been subjected to police strikes leaving much law and order in tatters. Crime and violence has recently reigned in the areas and now the much-needed Carnivale spirit has made the situation a little less tense. One city that has caught the Carnivale fever is Salvador despite police protests in recent weeks painted the city red with blood and chaos. The revelers went out to purchase tickets and costumes that were unsold because of the bloodshed. In Rio de Janeiro, a recent police strike has covered a pall on the city but because of the Lenten season, merrymakers are expecting hundreds of parades and block parties that would be celebrated in the city landscape in just a few weeks. This is a sign of relief for many cities in the country as the recent strikes have affected the tourism projections for the year. This has also underscored the many major issues regarding the security and preparedness of the country as it is hosting the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics. Many residents though doubted if the recent strikes would affect the annual merrymaking prior to the Lenten season. Officially, the revelry would .mence on Friday not only in Salvador and Rio de Janeiro but other cities throughout the countries. The celebrations are expected to wind down on Wednesday, which is the Roman Catholic Ash Wednesday, the start of the penitential Lenten season. The recent police strike for higher pay opened the floodgates of crime sprees in Salvador resulting in 150 deaths over a twelve-day period. Other criminal activities include looting, assault and vandalism leading many to remain indoors, shops closing down and tourists avoiding the area altogether. In response, the Brazilian government sent nearly 4,000 army troops to Salvador to restore peace and order. In a similar move, Army reserves were also sent to Rio to ease up the built tension because of the police strike. The Carnivale celebrations attracts as many as a quarter of a million foreigners and tourists to Rio de Janeiro alone and nearly half a million to Salvador. This particular period alone nearly half a billion dollars are injected into the Rio de Janeiro economy and nearly $300 million for the Salvador city economy. With the return of peace and order, the revelry is expected to be much grander this year than the previous one. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: