Leshan police crackdown on pornography pornography continuously destroyed 8 dens-cosmax

Leshan police crackdown on pornography pornography continuously destroyed 8 dens of Leshan News Network (reporter Song Ruiqi) to further purify the area security environment, recently, Leshan City District Public Security Bureau according to the actual situation of the area, the area within the scope of a strong strike out the fight against pornography, gambling and drugs focused campaigns. "Pornography" continuously destroyed 8 dens, solve the case 3, detained 5 people, 14 people in administrative detention, a fine of 4 people. It is reported that, since the intensive campaigns, District Public Security Bureau take no time, not regular, thorough investigation on the area of massage places, leisure and entertainment, beauty salons, hotels, cafes, size KTV, bars and other places of entertainment dragnet inventory period, spend a total of more than 700 police visits, inspection of various places hotels, cafes, restaurants, massage and other 1693. During the operation, were found 8 suspected of "pornography" dens, 5 criminal detention, administrative detention of 14 people, seized 6 sets of gambling game and be destroyed on the spot. At the same time, the police repeatedly sent the door to the owners, preaching the law, to explain the relevant legal knowledge in a plain and easy to understand language. It is understood that the City Public Security Bureau to effectively purify the social atmosphere, to crack down on criminal jurisprudence behavior, and always keep the pressure on the criminal jurisprudence thorough investigation, strict control, crackdown, resolutely eradicate the breeding ground of jurisprudence evils, through the centralized rectification action, and to curb the rise of jurisprudence, gambling area and drug-related criminal acts. Further reading: Dazhou Dalcheon District vice professional team captured ten a week illegal personnel will be in 800 key areas of pornography hanging publicity card Dalcheon heavy anti police Duandiao late night raid bath center Huang wo Sichuan crackdown pornography prostitution Gang lurking destroyed Mianyang Zhangjiawan wine shop ballroom men dressed as women in prostitution to raise surgery fee

乐山警方严打黄赌毒 连续捣毁黄赌毒窝点8处   乐山新闻网讯(记者 宋瑞琦)为进一步净化辖区治安环境,近期,乐山市中区公安分局结合辖区实际情况,在辖区范围内重拳出击强力开展打击“黄、赌、毒”集中整治行动。连续捣毁“黄赌毒”窝点8处,破案3起,刑拘5人,行政拘留14人、罚款4人。   据悉,自开展集中整治行动以来,区公安分局采取不定时、不定期、明察暗访对辖区内按摩场所、休闲娱乐场所、美容美发、大小旅店、网吧、KTV、酒吧等娱乐服务场所进行了拉网式清查,期间总共动用警力700余人次,共检查旅店、网吧、茶楼、按摩等各种场所1693家。行动中,共发现8处涉嫌“黄赌毒”的窝点,刑事拘留5人,行政拘留14人,缴获赌博游戏机6台并当场予以销毁。同时民警多次对业主送法上门,进行法制宣讲,以通俗易懂的语言重点讲解相关法律知识。   据了解,市中区公安分局为切实净化社会风气,严厉打击涉黄违法犯罪行为,始终保持对涉黄违法犯罪严查、严管、严打的高压态势,坚决铲除涉黄丑恶现象的滋生土壤,通过此次集中整治行动,遏制了辖区涉黄、涉赌、涉毒违法犯罪行为的发生和抬头。   延伸阅读:   达州市达川区扫黄专业队 一周抓获十余违法人员   都将在800个扫黄打非重点场所悬挂公示牌   达川警方重拳扫黄深夜突袭 端掉洗浴中心黄窝   严打黄赌毒 四川卖淫团伙潜伏张家湾酒店被摧毁   绵阳一舞厅内男子扮成女子卖淫 筹变性手术费相关的主题文章: