Business Letchworth Garden City has its place in history cemented by being the first garden city created by Raymond Unwin and Barry Parker, the brainchild of Ebenezer Howard. Other ‘garden cities’ have been created since then such as Welwyn Garden City; as well as other projects much further afield such as Canberra. The design of the capital city of Australia was heavily influenced by the design concepts of Letchworth Garden City. Other towns and villages that were also influenced by the design were Lativa, Tapanila, Mezaparks and Hellerau in Germany. The idea was to create a city which combined the wonder and joy of the countryside along with the comforts that being in a town or city offered; a place where work and leisure could go hand in hand. The book written by Ebenezer Howard in 1898, outlined how he saw the villages of tomorrow, the book was entitled "To-morrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform" and advocated a city where industry would be totally separate from residential areas, creating zoning, which was again a new concept for the era. The idea was that trees and open spaces would constitute a large portion of the city, springing up everywhere. But, Howard’s ideas didn’t just stop there; they went to outline how community management might come into play to financially bring the plan together. This all culminated with a competition to come up with realistic plans to make the musings of Ebenezer Howard turn into a working, living, breathing city and in 1903, the architects Barry Parker and Raymond Unwin were employed to turn the dreams into reality. Today, since its inception several housing estates have been added. Jackmans estate consists of houses in small cul de sacs, access being via one single road, this in turn has a series of underpasses crossing it; the end result being that road traffic is kept mainly away from pedestrianised areas. Jackmans originally was self contained with its own schools, shops and essential amenities, although as time has progressed and mobility has increased, the need to be self sufficient has decreased, although some of the shops still flourish. Two more estates have since been added, these are private estates, namely Manor Park and Lordship and these were built in 1971 and are much more prosperous areas. Letchworth Garden City Heritage Museum is home to many events and is an information point regarding the early development of the city and also gives information regarding any possible improvements you may wish to make to your property Currently the exhibition on display is to celebrate the women in Letchworth Garden City. Anyone planning a visit to Letchworth Garden City should consider, weather permitting of course, the Garden City Greenway which is home to a 13.6 mile walkway which runs through the heart of the Garden City, accessible partly for wheelchair users, walkers, horse riders and cyclists. It’s not just a walk either, it passes through several points of interest, including Radwell Meadows Country Park, Standalone Farm, Willian Arboretum, Norton Road and Wymondley Wood, all of which are attractions in themselves, giving information on local fauna, flora and wildlife. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: