Light of life zone flame — Inner Mongolia military region border regiment defending the Frontiers –

Light of life zone flame — Inner Mongolia military region border regiment defending the Frontiers — military notes — in Inner Mongolia Badan Jilin desert border regiment with the spark of life, held "top ten award, Populus Sentry is poplar flashing golden season. When people across Gobi area, first seen in the border line with green, it is lined up post soldiers. Into the hero team, left loyalty to the mission of "spiritual heights", they firmly chose the lofty pursuit of strong edge solid defense, no regrets, "the life" with the flames lit the spark of life. Bloody Zhonghun cast clean mouth, the group company of the westernmost station, Inner Mongolia eight thousand west of the first whistle inside line. "In the past, veterans laid wells, wells with bitter sweet name……" The years of Qing song sung River revealed the optimism and bitterness of the frontier soldiers. The desert of desolation, autumn is strong, telling the story of Zhang Liang let water sacrifice. In May 14, 2002, the army only more than and 150 days of private Zhang Liang with a long whistle, Zhou Ying Zhang Fu and his Comrade Ma Xiao line of patrol. After noon, the sun is like a huge fireball baked earth. Travel more than 8 hours later, Ma Xiao first fainted because of the heat. Zhang Fu left Zhou Ying accompany, make a prompt decision, take Zhang Liang back to the post to the company. After a few moments, Zhang Liang was eager to return to his half pot of water into the province of Ma Wairi: "you must hold on, we will pick you up soon!" When go out after 3 kilometers, Zhang Liang also does not support, anxiously for Zhang Fu said: "I go back to the post report! I slowly go back." The other would be. Until the afternoon of the second day, everyone was at a distance of 7 kilometers northwest of Gobi post to find Zhang Liang: 19 year old young soldiers put the precious life in the motherland frontier. In April 2010, the people’s Liberation Army University of International Relations graduate female students Yu Menghan learned that Zhang Liang let water sacrifice story in the United side application firmly press the red handprint, came to the desert of Gobi. When the platoon leader in the first year, she won the first prize in the organization of the speech contest. Now, she stood on the podium in Populus ", was named the" ten Populus sentinel". The pursuit of "Populus euphratica is our spiritual symbol, is our example!" Commissar Guo Weicheng said. Rooted in the Gobi desert, drought defying sand, subjected to cold heat, standproudly tenacious survival, the body of the precious spirit of Populus euphratica long into their blood! Deputy political commissar Chen Bao Ren Qing mouth even the instructor, a local boss offered to find him, to the border of illegal mining, and promised to give the company 100 thousand yuan commission". He is not for the money, then under the "expulsion". The company not only firmly rejected, also sent 3 groups on duty day and night latent observation, on the border to prevent sticking to the lawless attempt ultimately failed to succeed. Due to years of bitter water to drink, and in the exposed to the weather, nails, hair removal, skin cracking, Beck crude, but they have no regrets, with practical action to write one after another root border and selfless dedication song. "White haired medical" Zhao Junfei refused again and again to the big city of opportunity in Qinghe).相关的主题文章: