Lightning with the Olympic champion’s onslaught to create Youth Fencing wind-aspack

"Lightning" with the Olympic champion’s onslaught to create Youth Fencing wind attack, lightning Sina entertainment news by the mango TV Culture Co. Ltd., like the stars for entertainment group to bring its Zhejiang Dongyang Star Television Culture Co. Ltd. as the music CO produced, the first domestic fencing theme directed by Zhang Xiaozheng youth inspirational idol drama "onslaught well, the lightning" boot ceremony was held in Jiangsu, Wuxi on November 16th. The play tells the story of a group of young men and women love fencing, the ups and downs beyond the self, stand on the world stage for the final inspirational story. The Olympic champion Zhongman had made a surprise appearance "energy-saving", "my queen", "I love you" decreed by fate gold producer, Dongyang, like the stars for TV General Manager Chen Yijun personally surgeon, who directed "white witch", "Xiao Lang eleven", "new JINGWAH cloud" and other classic plays. Independent broadcast Hunan TV drama "Si beauty" Zhang Xiaozheng strong join, plus the Taiwan idol drama screenwriter Chen Xinyi, "onslaught, lightning" by many outstanding creative team escort, but also to play a more powerful backing. The starting ceremony, director Zhang Xiaozheng bluntly himself with "attack," lightning "is the fate", "when I read the script, I feel very exciting, very warm. The theme of the fencing drama in the country has not yet appeared, so I accept this challenge, we want to present a different idol drama." Bingzhe of fencing seriously, the play was also invited to the Olympic Sabre champion Zhongman, as the drama of the fencing mentoring, but also looking handsome appearance starting ceremony, "I am very happy to participate in this drama, I hope through this drama can have more people to know about fencing, fencing, promotion the sport of fencing." Zhong man says. He also jokingly quipped, "in fact, our fencing team members Yan values are quite high." Youth sports fusion entertainment is focused on creative industries and new media entertainment products like entertainment also to concern a strong sensitivity to the popular elements of the play with the effort to build the explosion properties of kernels: both the love of youth idol drama elements, and equipped with full of wisdom and the speed of fencing. "Lightning" onslaught, Chupin like entertainment, has worked with Hunan satellite TV "Jones", "youth dog assembly" two blood culture military theme drama, recently in Hunan satellite TV variety "real man", also from hand like entertainment. After successfully created a military theme of the one and only the content of blood youth brand, like the entertainment to look at the sports film, in the continuation of the previous works, the core spirit of warm blooded masculine and enterprising spirit, boldly choose fencing as a starting point, and Hunan satellite TV, "when the youth" week theater broadcast consistent youth, blood, inspirational brand. Sports competition has a strong appeal, sports power is a strong support for the realization of the Chinese dream. On the image of the courage to explore innovation, through various sports film and television works, to promote sports culture, chasing the dream of sports, the spread of positive energy". Gold producer, general manager of Dongyang on behalf of the movie star Chen Yijun said: specific to the previous boot相关的主题文章: