Lippi’s review conference denied naturalized players + Hengda team to build the country

Lippi’s review conference denied naturalized players + Hengda team to build national football Lippi on October 28th in the afternoon, China Football Association held a new coach of the national team, Marcello Lippi took office will meet the media. Executive vice president and Secretary of the association of Zhang Jian and chairman of the Football Association Cai Zhenhua on the process and reasons of hiring Lippi made the introduction, and Lippi at the press conference to answer a lot with the new national team is closely related to the problem. [process] Zhang Jian: hiring candidates a total of 17 people Zhang Jian said Ukraine after Gao Hongbo resigned, the football association was held on October 13th interim board meeting and held a media briefing held immediately, coach selection work. Then the Football Association Technical Committee nominated 11 candidates for Chinese and foreign coaches, other channels recommended by the 6. In October 17th, 17 candidates were identified from the nomination of the 4 candidates. October 18th to 22, the Football Association completed the interview. In 22, and Lippi completed the signing of the Chinese national team coach. Then Zhang Jian also said: Lippi’s contract is divided into two stages. Current agreement to sign the end of the 2019 Asian cup. After the Asian Cup, we will start the next round of negotiations in accordance with the wishes and objective conditions. Lippi: I believe that can help Chinese football, said Lippi, very happy to go back to China, I had three years of experience in Hengda coach. Prior to the signing of the agreement with the football association has signed a contract with Evergrande, but after receiving the invitation of the Football Association, determined by multiple consensus as the coach. As chairman of the football association in the former chairman Cai, the possibility we have served as a football coach of the national team China had discussed, but then a rival coach has no chance. When I returned to Italy, I thought I might return to China one day. I feel the respect and support for me and my team in china. I believe I can help Chinese football to make progress, I believe that Chinese football in the future there will be long-term development. Chinese players are also very strong, they need to increase the sense of responsibility, sense of national mission. [] Cai Zhenhua: the football association will not pay secrecy to Hengda special care Cai Zhenhua said: Lippi on the appointment of the consideration, our coach candidates must first have to steadily increase China soccer tactical level, second is conducive to the establishment of a new mechanism for the Orangemen service, by hiring new opportunity, deepen the reform of the association, from management into service. Three is conducive to the formation of consensus in China’s football industry. Lippi’s salary problem due to confidentiality provisions, can not disclose the specific amount. The Football Association offers a sincere offer, but Lippi is a coach because he hopes to help Chinese football. The contract has been Hengda help, Hengda initiative to lift the original contract with Lippi’s work, played a bridge role in communication. But with the termination of Lippi, Hengda Football Association and Lippi Lippi and signed a contract signing, Hengda foot school and served as a consultant in the law is independent of noninterference. Lippi only serve the Football Association, the football association will not give any special attention hengda. Lippi will be solely responsible for all the work of the national team, the Chinese Football Association is responsible for logistics service.相关的主题文章: