Little master Tao Xinran produced female and there was a soft armor —

"Little master" Tao Xinran produced female   "and there was a soft armor" — entertainment channel — original title: "little master" Tao Xinran produced female called "from a soft armor" Tao Xinran micro-blog. In September 11th, former "anling Tao Xinran gave birth to daughter in" The Legend of Zhen Huan ". Today, she is in micro-blog and drying out the photos of their daughter’s pregnancy in the little feet, said "from now on I have a soft spot, also has a small cotton padded jacket, armor, mom and daddy’s little lover thank you come to us in our anticipation in." Tao Xinran’s husband He Jianze is also excited about micro-blog and forwarding the message, said: "last night my" Miss "on the hot wheels came to our side, only to meet Dad, mom wants to treasure treasure together to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival wishes, small walnut is very good, very sensible, don’t let parents worry about everything, such as textbook smooth!" He Jianze also expressed his gratitude to Tao Xinran: "I can not describe the day, this day is very important to my life! Wife hard, I love you! Thank you to all the "users have also said:" Congratulations blessing little master, Hershey small master "," no children of their own play, but your life is made "," I wish the baby grow up happy". (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Jiang Bo)相关的主题文章: