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Liu Weitong’s Hui Ruoqi Zhu Ting staged a volleyball match – Sohu Liu Wei Lang Ping "two favorite entertainment power China champion fan" messenger Liu Weiying women’s volleyball Olympic champion Chinese station coach Lang Ping, Captain Hui Ruoqi and spiker, Olympic MVP Zhu Ting, staged a wonderful volleyball match. Show when power envoy Liu Wei saw women’s volleyball team captain Hui Ruoqi and spiker, Olympic MVP Zhu Ting, refer to them against a little nervous a little uneasy, too excited to cry." During the host Shen Tao still did not forget to laugh in the championship this game Liu Wei has not won, are punished just see how tragic extent of punishment, the women’s volleyball girls hope can give him water, "Liu Wei did not expect generous response," no, we lost to the championship glory, lost to we are happy you." The extent of the women’s volleyball team can not see the same. In the next Liu Weihe Ye Yiqian escape volleyball game, a group of women’s volleyball team in the championship battle, predict the link, Liu Wei blew the hope that they can survive 20 seconds without being hit, after a fierce looking event, Liu Weihe Ye Yiqian defeated a team final. In the penalty of thugs link, two women’s volleyball girls also choose to punish the object is Liu Wei, Liu Wei is happy at the same time do not forget to add their own play, hope Hui Ruoqi can see in the lens so that you can make the thugs, and women’s Volleyball Championship photo effect, not out of hand scissors with the lens, humorous trait happy women’s volleyball girls again. Although Liu Wei lost the game still does not concede, asked to play off board foursome. In the play off link, women’s volleyball championship again quasi steady fast to help teams battle angel. Liu Wei is sincerely convinced to lose. After the host could not help but ask Hui Ruoqi, the Liu Weihe Ye Yiqian team today to help the messenger, play a bit behind, Liu Wei deliberately start a small action, let captain Hui Ruoqi could not help laughing: "very, very commendable spirit." Liu Wei was so pleased with the expression. In the final with coach Lang Ping Liu Wei live Q & A, imitate after winning coach give "1" gesture, Lang Ping said the action field evaluation do too exaggerated, Liu Wei is from the Black: "I am ugly, but I took the number is 1," coach Lang Ping has cordial response, really remember with this gesture, "cattle". These two words are really domineering. When Hui Ruoqi was asked whether the singing part, Liu Wei stood up with the two active, people singing and dancing awfully, after Liu Wei is volunteered to do team sparring, and that "as long as you are willing to do what in the women’s volleyball team." The Frank Lang guide asked you to pick up the ball quickly, "Liu Wei call" I quickly, willing to do the caddy." At the same time, Hui Ruoqi was also a scene of ridicule because of Liu Weiai, so pick up what money is fast, Lang said that when the players tired, Liu Wei can sing to the point of positive energy is also very good. The whole show is full of happy topic. I hope that the Chinese women’s volleyball team spirit can be better to encourage people to work hard, we must adhere to the efforts will be able to achieve their goals.相关的主题文章: