Lottery trend consider the footwall Guingamp or take away Everton-actv

Lottery trend: consider Everton or take 16148 wins a Guingand lottery by the league, B and B, where B League rights can be more significant, check number and draw. Big league, free market screenings, the two warring sides of the strength are relatively close, and the strong side of the odds index abnormal, hit a high probability of upset, small suggestions with hot and cold, directly get upset, single to check. Big league: Everton can walk at the footwall Guingamp after Everton upset a winning streak, a sudden turn for the worse recent record movements, lost two games and failed to score a goal in the attack is blocked, team striker Lukaku also fell into a scoring drought, the overall trend of road has been a turning point, likely in the short term little rebound. While visiting side of the Crystal Palace is just the opposite, they rise markedly, they challenge the black cats on the road, in the first half two goals behind the unfavorable situation, the second half Lianban three goals to reverse the score, won the final victory, players in adversity psychological bearing ability has been greatly improved, competitive state well, all aspects of the comprehensive factors, the game is more sought after Crystal Palace. Both the French Guingamp and Wren middle team, generalized strength in about the same, the recent performance is matched, the league is relatively close, the original distribution of viscosity of the game, the lottery game player Shengping Fu three index points to the confidence is not strong, which is not an obvious heat. The odds, the odds of 2.05-3.1-3.6 combination of William Hill early, chose pulled down slightly win lose confidence building, maintain the normal distribution, then a substantial negative compensate Tao open, go to the ends of chips have Shengping, negative compensate and high potential resistance, strong so it seems that the possibility of road win great Guingamp, single Bo cold negative. Little League: Amiens continued strong, Berlin united to overestimate Ma Yamian promoted the season opening performance is very strong, the League zhanba 9, made 5 wins 3 flat 1 negative record, the league is currently ranked first, surprisingly, its solid defense and offense, often with the opponent made great trouble. After the relegation of Troyes, serious loss of personnel, strength decline, recent record average, not many bright spots, they are not optimistic about the excellent state of Amiens home court points straight results can be expected. Nuremberg last season in the playoffs in defeat to Frankfurt, a season of efforts did not achieve success, for the players psychological blow to morale, resulting in larger, after they open season for the poor record, but in power, they are still in the team, can not be ignored. Although the strength of Nuremberg is better than Berlin united, but recently to celebrate the 4 game winning streak record, with strong confidence, such fundamentals, disk negative compensate high opening, then reduce the loss by injection, has no potential resistance of the corresponding components, inducement is large, recommended to choose stronger Nuremberg.相关的主题文章: