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Lou Jiwei: amplification of financial – people.com.cn people.com.cn Beijing 10 month 8, political uncertainty or the volatility of financial markets (reporter Yang Di) according to the official website of the Ministry of Finance on the morning news, 7, finance minister Lou Jiwei to attend the G20 (G20) said the Washington finance ministers and central bank governors meeting chairman of the press conference often, the financial market overreaction, political uncertainty may be amplified by the fluctuation of the financial market, which is inevitable. Lou Jiwei said, in this year’s G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting, discussed two issues related to the global financial system: the first is the macro prudential supervision, the vulnerability of financial institutions before their own business so that taxpayers are forced into financial aid, we want to avoid this happening again. The other is inclusive finance and green finance, which is to help the real economy, especially some small and medium-sized enterprises to get financial support. When it comes to the risks of international politics and the frequent geopolitical risks, Lou Jiwei says, we believe that financial markets tend to overreact, and that these political uncertainties may be amplified by the volatility of the financial markets, which is inevitable. At the same time, we should see that the essence of this issue is anti globalization and populism. Many politicians choose political correctness as a magic weapon for election, which leads to policy uncertainty. (commissioning editor Yang Di and Xia Xiaolun)

楼继伟:政治上的不确定性或通过金融市场波动放大–财经–人民网 人民网北京10月8日电(记者 杨迪) 据财政部官方网站消息,7日上午,财政部部长楼继伟在出席二十国集团(G20)华盛顿财长和央行行长会议主席国新闻发布会时表示,金融市场常常会过度反应,政治上的不确定性可能通过金融市场的波动放大,这也是不可避免的。 楼继伟称,在今年的G20财长和央行行长会上,讨论了与全球金融体系相关的两个问题:第一个是宏观审慎监管问题,之前金融机构自身经营的脆弱性使纳税人被迫卷入金融救助,我们要避免这种情况再次发生。 另外一个是普惠金融和绿色金融问题,就是要帮助实体经济特别是一些中小企业获得金融支持。 谈到国际政治风险以及地缘政治风险频发的问题,楼继伟表示,我们认为金融市场常常会过度反应,这些政治上的不确定性可能通过金融市场的波动把它放大,这也是不可避免的。同时,我们要看到,这个问题的本质是反全球化和民粹主义思潮。许多政治家选择将政治正确作为竞选的法宝,这带来了政策上的不确定性。 (责编:杨迪、夏晓伦)相关的主题文章: