Ma Huateng took the lead in the layout of entertainment investment Tencent has completely changed invictus gaming

Ma Huateng took the lead in the layout of entertainment investment Tencent has completely changed the 1998 Tencent was established to catch up with the PC tide, relying on the rapid rise of QQ. Then set foot in the game field, opened the game to rely on QQ to make money to make money model. According to earlier Ma Huateng’s argument, very early Tencent because of the operation of online games and a lot of profit… Because of the profits, there are too many opportunities, so many areas have gone." So far, there has been 18 years of Internet Chinese QQ belongs to the veteran of products, but its main users are always young group. Along with the 90 grew up penguin, seems to have become the largest Tencent IP. The entertainment Tencent huge investment layout in the entertainment field has been for a long time, mainly includes: Games, literature, animation, film, video and music network QQ. NPC and CPPCC period, Ma Huateng said: the future of the core business of Tencent focusing simply a connector from WeChat and QQ platform as a connector, connect all of the information, people and services; one is the content industry, this is the money making tool connector. From the beginning of 2012, Tencent began to participate in mutual entertainment in addition to the game outside the pan entertainment business, Tencent animation, Tencent literature, Tencent film + released. After the 2014 search and sell electricity providers, Tencent’s investment in the content service has been put in the strategy first, entertainment is constantly overweight. After 2014, in addition to self incubation cultivation, Tencent increased investment in entertainment mergers and acquisitions. According to the incomplete statistics of investment circles, Tencent has invested nearly 90 enterprises (see table below). Including YG, Supercell, marine music, lithography era, Betta live, BiliBili BiliBili, Shanda literature and other industry leaders. Overall, the relative reduction in the number of games in recent years, the number of investment, music, film and television and the concept of relatively hot and VR, etc. have been increased, compared to the amount before also greatly improved. Basically is to invest in mergers and acquisitions as a supplement, early to late are involved, the content of the full coverage of the downstream. Many people around the world before the game to invest in Tencent is a game company, in fact, this is not too much. It is almost the most profitable gaming companies in recent years in China, and in QQ and WeChat, driven by revenue growth. As shown in the chart, in the history of the growth of the Tencent, investment and acquisition of the game company has more than and 60, footprints all over the world (mainly in China and South Korea and the United States). Such as the acquisition of American online game developer Riot Games, it works on behalf of "hero alliance", CJ Games, the Swiss investment South Korean game company investment company Miniclip, the online game developer Glu Mobile a series of buy American Mobile Games and Pocket Gems, and a majority stake in Tencent in the history of big mergers and acquisitions, $8 billion 600 million acquisition of Finland Mobile Games developers Supercell and so on. So generous layout of the game board, no one. Film: comes with a strong IP language has been amazing, said Wei Lei相关的主题文章: