Ma Ying-Jeou for the first time in the case of the defendant to appear in court analysis or sentence-beef怎么读�

Ma Ying-Jeou for the first time as a defendant in court analysis called or sentenced to 2 years of super – Sohu news [Global Times special correspondent in Taipei Cui Mingxuan] the DPP’s Legislative Yuan caucus convener Ke Jianming to former leader Ma Ying-Jeou on suspicion of obstruction of secrets, illegal wiretapping case, 8 pm at the Taipei District court, Ma Ying-Jeou personally appear in court hearing. This is his first appearance as a defendant. This case let the media reminiscent of a few years ago the "wangzheng dispute, with internal division for the KMT’s defeat. Ke Jianming and in the afternoon of the court has appeared in 8. "United Evening News" said in 2013, the special investigation group for other cases listening to Ke Jianming, in the process of accident recorded before the "Legislative Yuan" call Wang Jinping and Ke on a judicial case "ventilation". Later, Ma Ying-Jeou Wang Jinping denounced the "violation of judicial independence", for the revocation of the party. Ke Jianming alleged that in September 1, 2013, Ma Ying-Jeou listened to the former attorney general Huang Shiming Ke Jianming after listening to the report, called Huang into the official residence of Huang Shiming in "the certificate; according to the high court, Ma Ying-Jeou will disclose the content to the investigation when he was Premier Jiang Yihua et al; in September 3rd of the same year, Xiang Jiang asked Huang Shiming to report the case to the horse also, suspected of abetting the crime of secrets. In an interview with Ke Jianming Ma Ying-Jeou also said, "in order to kill illegal wiretapping of Congress, spy state", "this is the history of the report, the trial will be the Taiwan version of the Nuremberg tribunal". Ma Ying-Jeou looked serious, pleaded not guilty in court. He directed Ke Jianming sue in shifting the focus of "no one should lobby in the judicial case or undermine judicial justice…… This is the problem can not be avoided, major issues issues of right and wrong, not vague". Do the horse said, Ma Ying-Jeou has been engaged in public service, integrity can stand respect justice and abide by the laws, judicial examination. According to Yonhap news network reported, Ke lawyers asked the communications Huang Shiming and horse accompanying secretary Lin novel, Ma Ying-Jeou did not dispute, the judge will be on the two for isolated interrogation. Court hearing more than two hours later, Ma Ying-Jeou walked out of the court, said in a calm manner: I have confidence in my innocence, I have expectations of the court of justice, and then leave. Free electronic newspaper, and supporters of the protesters outside the court ", which sharply" protesters gathered outside the court on the road, constantly shouting "Ma Ying-Jeou detained", to support the people shouted "President Ma refueling". Two factions soon separated by the police. "Congress Watch Foundation Chairman Yao Liming said," Ma Ying-Jeou’s crime should not be less than Huang Shiming, Huang Shiming was sentenced to 1 years and 3 months, the horse was sentenced to two years of great possibility. In addition, if the court that Ma Ying-Jeou is likely to leave the country, it may limit his exit. In addition, Oprah Zhou Yukou previously claimed Ma Ying-Jeou accepting new group of NT $200 million, political donations was Ma Ying-Jeou suspected of committing aggravated libel prosecution. The first week of innocence, immediately after the appeal, the Taiwan High Court 8 am hearing, but Ma Ying-Jeou did not appear in court. The future of the case does not rule out the well-known media people Sisy Chen. KMT policy executive Cai Zhengyuan, 8, on behalf of the KMT solidarity with the. He criticized Ke jian.相关的主题文章: