Malaysia to buy 4 aircraft Chinese confirmed warships or backward Beijing America apart

Malaysia to buy 4 aircraft Chinese confirmed warships or backward Beijing from the US data figure: C28A type Chinese exports to Algeria frigate, could meet the needs of Malaysia and Malaysia, the British media said, Chinese November 1st signed trade and investment agreements. China is Malaysia’s largest trading partner, but the overlapping claims of sovereignty over the South China Sea have led to discord. Recently, however, it has been suggested that Mr Naguib is leading his country away from the United states. According to the British Financial Times website reported on November 2nd, in November 1st signed an agreement with China will further strengthen the relationship between Beijing and Kuala Lumpur, and tensions between Malaysia and the United states. Most importantly, the two countries reached a broad naval cooperation agreement, including the joint development of coastal patrol vessels. Malaysia agreed to buy four Chinese naval vessels as part of the deal, Malaysia’s state media reported. Two of them will be built in China, and the other two will be built in Malaysia. Given tensions between the US and China in the Asia Pacific region, analysts will keep a close eye on the deal, and whether it marks the departure of Kuala Lumpur from Washington to Beijing. This will be the first large-scale purchase of Chinese arms in Malaysia, the country is currently buying weapons from the United States and russia. Sydney International Institute for policy research director Roy Euan · Graham said: "this is a naval equipment procurement, it sends a signal to the current situation in the South China sea under the background of the relationship between relevant countries now have a strategic element to a previously non-existent." Reported that Naguib’s visit to China, diplomatic relations between China and Philippines thaw.相关的主题文章: