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Man 6 years 537 "110" report "kill" arrested 10 days – Sohu News China Yulin daily news (reporter correspondent Yang Huyuan Jiao Wenyan) the morning of November 1st, Shenmu a man repeatedly call 110 call "". Alarm police this dilemma. We love to call 110 false police report original Shenmu county, the 60 year old Qu every drunk, a total of 6 years played 537 times, which caused a great waste of manpower and resources to the police, the police for his education, 10 days administrative detention punishment of the. After the police came, he was still sleeping in the room, "Hello, 110, I kill people, you do not come?" "Hello, 110, I killed, you tube?" The early morning of November 1st, Shenmu county Public Security Bureau police platform constantly received a phone call from a man, "said he". Then the Shenmu county Public Security Bureau police station came to the WAN Zhen Hua Shi Ya Zhen Yang Ya Gou cun. Police investigators arrived at the scene and found that the report was a large room in the room was asleep, around the normal. After being awakened, Qu also said to the police: "you come? I didn’t call you to come!" Police investigators confirmed after verification, this is a false alarm. Back to the police station, the police investigation of the alarm number, this number has alarm call hundreds of times, and is the false alarm, then according to the alleged lies alarm situation suspects Qu million summoned to the town police station. "Qu from the beginning of 2010, often call us, said he killed or caught fire, etc.." Shenmu county Public Security Bureau police said that since 2010, a total yield to Shenmu county Public Security Bureau 110 alarm platform lies alarm situation 537. 110 is the public resources hope all citizens cautious call it is understood that a bend is 60 years old, living in Shenmu county Yang Ya Ya Zhen Hua Shi Gou Cun, care for a local temple, the usual hobby is to drink. Qu often after drunk will play 110 false police report. When the police asked why frequent false alarm when Qu himself said, false alarm is due to drunken behavior. Qu often to ‘kill’, ‘fire’ or see someone fighting and other reasons to call the police." Police investigators told the China Daily reporter Qu, because false police report was Shenmu county public security bureau repeatedly criticized education, every time a bend are to admit mistakes, and good attitude, but the drunk will return to old habits. Qu often lie alarm behavior has seriously disrupted public order, the police impose administrative detention for 10 days of punishment. For how to prevent similar things happen again, the town police station, said they can only visit the door, to understand the living conditions and ideological trends. His phone we can not join the blacklist, as police, we can not be in accordance with the ‘Wolf’ story, the nature of the work requires the police to treat all police must be seriously dealt with." In this regard, the police also reminded the general public: to treasure the 110 alarm platform.相关的主题文章: