Man addicted to buy lottery tickets to worry about his wife’s wages to steal money mycoolboy

Man addicted to buying lottery tickets to spend money wages worried about his wife scolded steal mother-in-law son-in-law original title: Fun lottery machines gambled away after stealing money in Yangzi Evening News (reporter correspondent Gu Yu Wan Lingyun) a man obsessed with the lottery machine, saw 250 thousand yuan prize in others, my heart itch to gamble, do not want to actually lose everything. In no case to explain his wife, he put the thief hand to the mother-in-law, come to a result of theft. The 13 day, the man Zhang was detained by the police criminal Zhenjiang Jingkou theft. Zhenjiang City Public Security Bureau Jingkou police station told reporters Zhang, 35 years old this year, as a carpenter in Zhenjiang, his wife Zhao as a waiter in a hotel in Zhenjiang. Two people are foreigners, living in Zhenjiang, and have a son of the age of 6. Some time ago, Zhang’s father-in-law, Zhao Lao Gao in the home is nothing to do, also followed to come to Zhenjiang, and rented a house in Zhenjiang Gulou Kong, and daughter live very near. He usually do coolie, Lao Gao is responsible for the care of the family, and with their children zhang. One day in late October evening, old home, found a home in the cabinet inside the wallet ten thousand yuan cash stolen. City police station alarm, by monitoring found Zhang’s figure. Zhang confessed after the arrest, he recently hooked up to buy lottery tickets, usually will go to play a one hundred or two hundred yuan, but not once winning. In mid October, he saw people around the lottery machine in the 250 thousand yuan, put his month’s salary of more than $3000 to play with, or did not win, think back to the wife to explain bad, it played a crooked. Zhang theft after the success, with more than 4000 yuan to play the same cleaners. Editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: