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Man drunk driving after police had abusive pushing blood resistance make hospital in September 16th 18, the 27 year old Hubei Liu and colleagues in a restaurant in Hangzhou peace square dinner banquet, Liu drank a lot of beer. Dinner to 8 pm or so after the end, they went to the nearby KTV singing, Liu KTV and drink a lot of beer. More than 1 at 17 am, by Liu driving himself all the Zhejiang G car, and Chen, Wang Moumou, three people riding together, ready to return to the temporary residence of Yuhang liangzhu. The vehicle to the road all the way Baochu Xikou, just hit the Hangzhou West Lake Traffic Police Brigade security officer, officer Chen 2 people with 3 Xieqin personnel, carry out drunk driving violations focused campaigns. Police check found that there is a strong wine gas Liu Moushen, on suspicion of drunk driving. By the breath alcohol tester, Liu’s alcohol content of 125mg 100ml, has reached the drunk driving standard. The police will detect the results on the spot told Liu, and asked whether there is an objection to the testing result, Liu said that the detection results of dissent, refused to "alcohol breath test record single" sign, and repeatedly made the act of opening the door to escape. See Liu tried to flee, an officer of the police he decisively to use to be constrained. At the same time, the scene of the car with Liu Moumou, entourage high Wang, Chen and three people, but also every stop and obstruct the police in accordance with the law, help Liu Mouru scold, provocation, the police, the police pushed the field of law enforcement. After the incident, police support and PTU patrol police rushed to the scene to control the situation, the police Liu issued a certificate of coercive measures, and detained the driver’s license, and then Liu brought to the hospital in Zhejiang. When the medical staff to take blood samples of Liu, Liu was in hospital row up, first refused blood. When the police ready to assist the compulsory blood when medical staff, Liu pretended to agree, while rapid medical personnel ready to drink the blood with hydrogen peroxide, and the bottle is broken and picked up the pieces of glass to self mutilation, the doctor on duty immediately to Liu emergency treatment. The reporter learned that, at present, Liu suspicion of dangerous driving and obstruction of official business, has been a criminal investigation. In the afternoon, Chen Moumou, Wang Mou, three by personnel have been arrested, the public security organs to initiate an investigation of the third person. On the evening of September 17th, the police Liu made the criminal compulsory measures. 18 PM, Chen Moumou, Wang and other three people were sent in detention in custody, three of them will face the punishment of administrative detention for 10 days.

男子醉驾后竟还辱骂推搡民警 抗拒血检大闹医院9月16日18点多,27岁的湖北人刘某与同事在杭州和平广场的一家饭店聚餐,席间刘某喝了许多啤酒。聚餐到晚上8点左右结束,之后他们又去了附近的KTV唱歌,刘某在KTV里又喝了不少啤酒。到了17日凌晨1点多,由刘某驾驶其本人所有的浙G小轿车,与陈某、高某某、汪某三人同乘,准备回到暂住地余杭良渚。车辆开到文一路保俶北路西口处,正好碰到了杭州交警西湖大队的安警官、陈警官2人带着3名协勤人员,开展酒驾违法行为集中整治行动。民警检查时发现,刘某身上有浓重酒气,涉嫌酒驾。经呼气式酒精检测仪检测,刘某的酒精含量为125mg 100ml,已达到醉酒驾驶标准。民警将检测结果当场告知刘某,并询问其对检测结果是否有异议,刘某表示对检测结果有异议,拒绝在《酒精含量呼气测试记录单》上签字,并多次做出开门的动作想要逃离。看到刘某企图逃窜,安警官果断对他依法使用了警械予以约束。与此同时,现场的刘某同车随行人员高某某、汪某、陈某等三人,也百般阻拦并阻碍民警依法办案,帮助刘某辱骂、挑衅、推搡现场执法的民警、协警。事情发生后,支援警力与PTU巡逻警力赶到现场控制住了局面,交警对刘某开具了强制措施凭证,并扣留了其驾驶证,然后将刘某带至浙江省立同德医院。当医护人员要抽取刘某的血液样本时,刘某竟在医院里大闹起来,先是拒绝抽血。当民警准备协助医护人员对其强制抽血时,刘某一边假装同意,一边迅速将医护人员准备抽血用的双氧水一口喝掉,并将瓶子摔碎,捡起玻璃碎片企图自残,值班医生当即对刘某进行急救治疗。记者了解到,目前,刘某涉嫌危险驾驶和妨害公务,已被立案调查。当天下午,陈某、高某某、汪某等三名同乘人员已全部归案,公安机关对其三人展开立案调查。9月17日晚间,警方对刘某做出了刑事拘留的强制措施。18日下午,陈某、高某某、汪某等三人被投送市拘留所羁押,他们三人将面临行政拘留10天的处罚。相关的主题文章: