Man knocked down the old man’s face to escape the police check 129G video 77 days to solve the case-lm3886

The old man knocked his face to escape police found 77 days 129G video detection original title: Ji’nan seventy elderly knocked down after the escape, "her face was the wanted man"! The traffic police in the city of Ji’nan in October 31st reported a deliberate escape case, the end of July this year, Wang Ji workers in electric car knocked down an old man, not only ask the old injury with a companion, clutching his face and ran. Justice has long arms, although he several times along the way to transfer transport to avoid tracing, even back to his hometown in Anhui, has been from summer to fall behind, but eventually escape the "eye" of the monitor. The city traffic police investigation has 129G video data, finally he was locked and looking for. Ji’nan seventy elderly knocked down after the escape, "her face was the wanted man"! Monitor the driver’s driver to touch photos. The city traffic police for map knocked the elderly after the escape, "her face was the man wanted things to be said in a call the morning of July 24th, the Ji’nan city traffic police brigade received a report that, after four, East junction of more than 100 meters, a two wheel electric car knocked down the old man, the driver fled. After the alarm weft two squadron of police rushed to the scene, saw a 72 year old man fell to the ground, next to a light, two wheeled, hanging on the handlebars of the breakfast is still hot, the driver had no trace. After the old man to the hospital after examination, multiple soft tissue contusion, head concussion." Two squadron squadron Deputy squadron commander, said Zhang Bin long, due to the age, the elderly by the shock in the hospital for a long time before leaving hospital. Ordinarily, this is not a serious accident, but the police retrieved the video of the scene, saw the driver in the accident after the move, suddenly feel very angry. Video display, a total of two men hit the electric car, the two old people are waiting for the bus, see the bus on the station, the old man quickly to the bus mobile was knocked down by a motor vehicle, the electric car is the car carrying the man fell to the ground. The old man fell to the ground after the expression of pain, but the two men did not budge. After the accident, the first action is to cover his face with his hand." Zhang Bin said that the man a hand cover his face, the other hand pull off the key, the companion made a gesture, the two quickly fled the scene. People angry is that the two men did not see from first to last fall to the ground of the old man, the man stood up immediately after the rolled up shirt obscured face near its companion in his next play that obscure the face coat, while waving a taxi while walked out of the scope of monitoring. Two people move to the police feel bad cold wrath, deployed personnel to form a task force to solve the case, and released the suspect’s picture through the media traffic police detachment of new media and newspapers, television and other city to look for clues to solve the case. However, the case is not simple to imagine. The perpetrators of anti investigation ability, traffic police after 77 days of investigation the police task force is divided into two parts, one way transfer along the video track the driver trail, another electric car from the car from the investigation, the search for clues. Soon, the police found the case although Jane Peng相关的主题文章: